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    Your Questions, Answered.

    What is the purpose of this calendar?

    The 12 Sexy Nights of Christmas was created to bring you and your lover closer together. It is designed to get you away from the chaos of life, allow you to slow down and enjoy one another, help increase intimacy, and enhance your communication. This is a compilation of real dates we have tried and thoroughly enjoyed. We’ve created this free gift for you because we just want to spread the love. Enjoy. 

    Do I have to do the nights in order?

    Absolutely not. We have included a calendar if you’d like to follow the “advent” style (ours is leading up to Christmas) or you can switch the days around and incorporate them as you see fit. There is no right or wrong way to complete the 12 Sexy Nights. 

    What supplies do I need?

    Each Sexy Night will include some supplies, whether it be a drink recipe, a dinner suggestion, or a dessert. We’ve outlined the recipes and ingredients on each page so you can plan ahead. We’ve also included suggested toys/products that are available on our site. We recommend taking a look at all of the nights first, and then plan accordingly.