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Dildos are one the most loved sex toys because they provide simple penetration. They have a cylindrical shaft and tapered tip, making them resemble a penis. Dildos do not vibrate and are not equipped with a motor. Dildos have been around for centuries because they are easy to use and provide a very pleasurable experience.


How do I Use a Dildo?

Dildos can be enjoyed both with and without your partner. For self pleasure, apply a generous amount of lubrication and slide the dildo into your vagina or anus. Experiment with different speeds and intensities until you experience the pleasure you desire. You can also use a dildo with your significant other. It is very erotic to watch someone pleasure themselves. Watch as your partner enjoys the sensation or take the reigns and deliver the pleasure. Make sure to communicate and let each other know what you like and what feels good. Communication is key to a pleasurable experience.

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