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Better Sex Products

Lets get one thing straight, healthy sex is always better sex. When the time is right to get hot and steamy, make sure you start off clean and free of outside bacteria or dirt. Our Better Sex line of products are here to make sure you are prepared for those dirty moments.


Better Sex

Womanizer Starlet


App & Bluetooth

We-Vibe Verge Cock Ring


Better Sex

Secret VII

$45.00 $34.99

App & Bluetooth

Lovely 2.0


Better Sex

Pom by Dame


Better Sex

We-Vibe Match


Better Sex

Hot Octopuss Jett


Make It The Best Time, Every time!

The Couples Toy store has hand selected only the best in sex health products. These products offer protection, comfort, and performance. Your healthy and safety should always be a top priority, which is why it is so important to stay safe and clean. If you need any help selecting a product, please reach out to us. Your health and enjoyment is our number one concern!