The Mission Behind The Toys

We believe in enhancing relationships through the use of couples sex toys. 

Intimacy is beautiful. Intimacy is a special part of a relationship, and can be built over time. Whether you’re a new two-some looking to build a solid foundation or you’ve been together for 15 years, intimacy can be practiced and (re)established in any relationship. We, personally, have found that where there is intimacy, there is a higher degree of successful relationships.

Let’s clear one thing up right away: intimacy is way more than sex. Many people hear the word intimacy and immediately think of sex, but that is far too narrow of a way to think of intimacy in its entirety. Intimacy is truly connecting with your partner on a deeper level in a variety of ways: emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. That said, being intimate with your partner leads to great sex. And sex, while very important too, can lead to better intimacy. It all works together!

Sex toys are wonderful tools that can enhance sex lives, create more intimacy, and continue the lifelong journey of learning about your partner!

We created the Couples Toy Store because we believe that sex toys are wonderful tools that can enhace sex lives, create more intimacy, and continue the lifelong journey of learning about your partner. Not only are sex toys fun, but they create an opportunity to strengthen communication between you and your partner beyond the walls of everyday life. 

Whether you are introducing sex toys into your relationship for the first time or you have been using them for some time, there is one thing we can’t deny…they will definitely add some fun and spice things up. But all fun aside, these toys enhance critical relationship skills, such as communication, curiosity and comfort to ensure you and your partner continue to grow the strength of your relationship. 

We hope that through the resources we provide here at Couples Toy Store, you can enrich your relationship in new and exciting ways.