Why Do I Need to Know How to Clean My Sex Toy?

So you have finally made the jump. You bought your first sex toy.  The UPS driver walked it up to the door and dropped it off with a smile. You calmly walk inside and rip into the box, through the packaging, and wield your new toy with the glee of your first time… but wait. We absolutely recommend giving your new toy a quick scrub down before going to town. Soap and warm water will get you started. But, we have written this guide to be an introduction on cleaning your sex toys, and ultimately caring for your health and safety.

Knowing what your sex toy is constructed of is pivotal because it influences how to clean it. There are Porous and Non-Porous materials used in the construction of all sex toys. Overall, the non-porous materials are the easiest to clean and with a good regime you can keep them in great shape for a long time. Porous materials on the other hand require a little more attention.

What Are the Materials Used and How Does that Affect Cleaning your Sex Toys?

Here at the Couples Toy Store we sell toys made out of both categories of materials. If you ever question what your toy is made from it is best to take a look at the box or manufactures website to confirm. If you still can’t find the answer, then let us know and we’ll findit for you. Use the form on our Contact Us page to get in touch.

Non-Porous Materials

These include stainless steel, wood, glass, pyrex, ceramic, ABS plastic, and thermoplastics. Like the name implies, non-porous material means there are no small cavities in the material for bacteria to grow. Also, these materials shouldn’t “soak up” any thing from the environment either, so warm water and dish soap will suffice in cleaning your sex toys. You can also place these materials in your dishwasher for cleaning as well. If you use the dishwasher make sure to use the Sanitize mode. If that isn’t available to you, you’ll want to make sure to use the wash and dry cycle because the heat in the dry cycle will aid in killing any bacteria that may try to stick around.

Porous Materials

These materials are primarily the artificial rubbers, jelly type rubbers, and realistic-skin types. It doesn’t matter if they are mixed with pure silicone, toys made with these materials need the extra attention when cleaning to ensure your health and safety. We recommend using soap and warm water but also mixing in a high quality toy cleaner regularly both before and after use. These toys are more susceptible to lingering bacteria than their non-porous counterparts. This isn’t to say they are any less safe, but we want to make sure you know what to do to keep your toys ready to perform at a moments notice.

When to Use a Specific Sex Toy Cleaning Solution

There are many ways to clean your sex toys and we offer a variety of sex toy cleaning solutions. They contain specific ingredients that cater to the material your toys are made from. Be sure to checkout the ingredient list and find one that works of you.

We recommend cleaning your toys BEFORE and AFTER use to ensure they are clean and free from the germs lurking in your bedside drawer.

If by chance you are sharing toys with you partner, we strongly suggest you use a cleaning solution between each use.

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