What are Anal Beads?

They are a sex toy that couples can enjoy together for sure. In the most basic sense, Anal Beads are a string of balls that are inserted into the anus. Typically the balls can vary in size on the same string. The different sizes produce different sensations to the partner on the receiving end. One end of the string has some form of a handle that ensures the balls are recoverable and not lost in the rectum.

Like most sex toys today there are several variations available that range from mild to wild. However, anal beads are a great entry into anal sex for beginners. The different size beads allow you to move at a comfortable pace and size.

Different Features of Anal Beads

Bead Size

When shopping for Anal Beads you’ll notice several shapes and sizes. In most cases, though, you will notice that a string of anal beads will start with a small ball and progress to larger balls at the base of the string. To give you a better idea, the first ball usually has a diameter of 15mm (the size of a standard marble) and go all the way up to 45mm (the size of a golf ball). There are sets of beads that have substantially larger balls but those should be reserved for couples experienced in anal play. This variation in size allows you to comfortably “level up” as you get more comfortable with anal play. 

Bead Shape

So you have figured out the size but as you look through your options you’ll notice the different shapes. They can range from a perfect sphere to egg shaped. These shapes will provide for different or more intense sensations. A sphere will create a more intense sensation as it is inserted and removed whereas the egg shape beads will feel more smooth on exit.


Anal beads come in a variety of materials. However, the overwhelming majority are made from Non-porous materials like pure silicone, glass or stainless steel. The reason for this is purely one of health and safety. These materials allow for easy cleaning before and after use with little worry for bacteria build up.

On the cleaning note, one feature of the bead set you’ll want to pay attention to is how the beads are connected. You will notice that some sets are hard beads constructed like a dildo where it relies on the flexibility of the material rather than multiple pieces. Others will quite literally use a string to connect the beads. It’s the string part you need to be concerned about when cleaning your toys because it may be more difficult to keep clean.

Add Some Vibration

If you are looking to step your anal game up a notch you can graduate from a non-vibrating string to a remote/app controlled string for your pleasure. Size, material, and vibration strength varies between sets but it’s important to start slow and work your way into more vibration or larger beads.

You actually can choose to go with a vibrating anal toy from the start. If thats what you choose to do then we would suggest that you pay very close attention to the size and quantity of anal beads on the toy.

How to use Anal Beads for self pleasure

At the Couples Toy Store, when it comes to anal beads we absolutely recommend giving them a try on your own first. There are several reasons for this but probably most important is so you can determine what you are comfortable with. So grab a bottle of your favorite lube, get the beads in and work on providing some self stimulation for a heightened level of excitement. 

It is very important to know that when using anal beads, or any anal toy, you should use an adequate amount of lube. The rectum is not self lubricating and can tear with vigorous activity. Check out our Anal Lubes here.

When using your anal beads it helps to be aroused first but people have said they enjoy inserting the beads as much as they love pulling them out. So grab a handful of your favorite lube and gently insert one ball after the other. Once in, you slowly pull them out one at a time feeling each sensation. Ideally you would be pulling the beads out during the peak of an orgasm as they help provide an elevated and amazing experience.

Using Anal Beads with a Partner

Once you have established what you are comfortable with on your own, adding a partner to the mix can take your anal play experience to the next level. The key with anal beads is communication and knowing that your partner is on the same wavelength. Anal beads can be an exciting toy for both men and women, and add a whole new dimension to your orgasm. 

A good starting position for using anal beads would be Doggy Style. While your partner has entered you from behind they can then pull the beads out as you reach your orgasmic peak. 

Using Anal Beads with Lube

We can’t stress this enough, if you are performing anal play, lube is your best friend. As we mentioned above, the rectum is not self lubricating like the vagina. So it is vitally important that you select a good lube and use enough of it during the act. For anal sex and non-silicone based anal toys we recommend a good silicone based lubricant because it stays “wetter”, doesn’t absorb into the body, and is generally thicker than water based lubes for more protection. You can find those here. If you are using silicone anal beads then you’ll be fine with a good water based or any of the lubricants we sell. With silicone toys and anal play, you’ll just want to stay away from oil based lubricants as they can cause your toys to deteriorate. Shop our entire assortment of lubricants here.

Selecting the Best Anal Beads

For Beginners

With varying size and non-vibrating, these beads are sure to make your backdoor entry into anal play a pleasant experience.

Experienced Users

Once you are ready to step your game up you can add a little vibe to your repertoire with these anal toys.


Now that you are ready to embark on a new frontier of sexual play, give a set of anal beads a try with 10% off using the code “beadspg10” at checkout.