What are Dildos?

Dildos are designed to replicate a man’s penis and are primarily used for penetration in the vagina or the anus. Most dildos have a long shaft with a tapered head. Others are designed with a curved head to stimulate a woman’s g-spot.

Features of the Dildo?

Dildos come in all shapes and sizes. They can look realistic with all of the curves and ridges. Or they can be smooth and texture free. Some dildos have the ability to vibrate or pulse. These can be controlled with a remote, an on/off button on the shaft, or by an app. The size of the dildo can vary from a moderate to extra large/thick. They come in a variety of materials; with silicone being the most flexible and glass the most hard. Additionally, silicone dildos are made to last since they are easy to clean and care for. The non-porous material will not harbor any bacteria if cleaned properly.

To continue, some dildos are equipped with additional features like a suction cup base or clitoral and/or perineum stimulation. If you enjoy using your dildo in the shower, many of the options on the market are waterproof.

There are so many options available in the sex toy world, so we recommend first deciding if you want your dildo to look realistic or not. That will narrow down the choices considerably. Find our recommendations below.

How to Use a Dildo for Self Pleasure

Dildos can be the perfect toy for vaginal or anal stimulation in private. Simply add generous amounts of lubricant to the dildo and insert it into your body. Slide the dildo back and forth in a slow steady motion. As you become more comfortable increase the speed and/or vibration until you are completely satisfied. For women, try adding in clitoral stimulation while you insert the dildo into your vagina. This takes a bit of practice but the dual stimulation can heighten the sensation. Additionally, move your body into different positions so that the dildo is pleasuring your g-spot. The g-spot is located about 1-2 inches inside the vagina on the front wall (belly side).

For a man, if using a dildo for anal play, you will want to use lubrication to make things nice and slippery. You can also find a dildo with an attachment to stimulate your perineum for dual sensation.

How to Use a Dildo with Your Partner

There are many ways to enjoy using a dildo with your significant other. First, try having one person insert the dildo into the other. Pleasuring your partner while you are in control can be extremely erotic. To continue, another option is to self pleasure yourself while your partner watches. As you insert the dildo in your vagina or anus, your partner can stimulate other erogenous zones on your body. Another idea is to use a harness and strap on dildo. There are many ways to enjoy the dildo with your partner, but the key is to be comfortable. Talk to each other and communicate about what feels good. You don’t want to do anything that will make you uncomfortable.

Using a Dildo with Lubricant, Stimulants, or Enhancements

We always recommend using a lubricant with a dildo, whether it will be inserted into the vagina or the anus. Water based lubes are always a great choice since they pair well with most toys. In addition, if you are partaking in anal play, you will want to choose a lubricant that is specifically designed for the anus. They tend to be thicker and last longer than regular lubricants. Some women prefer not to use any lubricant because they are able to produce their own wetness; however additional lube is never a bad idea. The soft silky feeling of wetness will not only help with arousal but will eliminate any friction or possible discomfort upon insertion.

How Do I Select the Best Dildo?

So you are ready to purchase your first dildo but you’re not sure where to start? Start by asking yourself a few questions. Do you want the dildo to look realistic? Do you want it to vibrate? Are you hoping to stimulate any areas beside the vaginal or anal canal?

By answering these few questions you can narrow down your choices considerably. The Couples Toy Store has many great options to choose from.

Non-Vibrating Dildos

First, these dildos do not vibrate. They are a great option for beginners just getting started with sex toys. They have a nice curvature to stimulate the g-spot.


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Vibrating Dildos

Second, these toys are vibrating and come with the various vibrations/pulse speeds. Some are controlled by remote or an app. They are a great option for both beginners and experienced users alike.

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Dual Stimulation

Last, these dildos come equipped with the ability to stimulate either your clitoris or perineum. They add a dual sensation that is guaranteed to please.

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