What are Kegel Balls/Bars

Quite often when you think of “working out” the first image that comes to mind involves heavy weights and lots of sweat. With Kegel Balls this not the case. They are meant to be an aid in making sure that your pelvic floor is strong to not only have great sex but ensure that your natural bodily functions operate properly. The muscles in question are you puboococcygeus muscle, or more commonly called your PC muscle. Much like your abs or your arms, these muscles are voluntarily controlled and can be strengthened through exercise.

A side affect of working out this muscles, aside from better bladder control, is vaginal tightening. So if you have just added a beautiful child to your family or want to add a different dimension to your sex life, Kegel Balls may be the solution you are looking for.

Referred to by different names all over the world, Kegel balls have been around for centuries. They are made in a multitude of materials and can be weighted to add more work to your workout. The exercise balls are inserted into your vagina and held into place by contracting and relaxing your PC muscles. This repetitive motion for small increments of time can go a long way in adding muscle tone with the increased benefit of making orgasms more intense and increasing sexual stimulation.

Features of Kegel Balls

Over time Kegel Balls have evolved to take on many forms. Traditionally they were a simple glass or plastic ball. In todays world, they have different shapes, sizes, weights, and features to give you the best workout and stimulation possible.

As you browse the Couples Toy Store you will notice 4 specific features that all of the products have.

First, is the material in which the kegel balls are constructed from. They are made in medical grade silicone, heat treated glass, or another form of safe plastic construction. The material they are made of can contribute to the overall “feel” of the kegel balls once inserted. Glass tends to be more sensitive to direct movement and temperature, whereas, their silicone counterparts can create more subtle feelings and provide a better experience when paired with a great lubricant like Sliquid Sea

To string or no string, that is the question. A helpful feature that most Kegel Balls possess is a string that makes removal a snap. If you become a more experience user, you can start to venture off to the eggs without strings.

All good workout programs have you step up in weight as you become stronger. Kegel Balls are no different. As you browse through the different sets we offer you will want to make note of the weights of the balls included in each set. Some of them will come with different weights or tie in more than one ball for use at a time. As you get stronger you can step up in weight or number of balls used.

Last but not least, do you automate or not? Traditionally kegel balls are a low technology exercise that just requires weighted balls and your drive to workout. In todays world, though, you can add an extra dimension by going digital and controlling the balls with your mobile device or a remote. Read on and we’ll make some suggestions.

How to use the Kegel Balls for Self Pleasure

If it’s self pleasure you’re after, then Kegel Balls are easy. Pair them with your favorite lubricant, slide them in, and focus on working them around using your PC muscles. The movements and contractions can create strong sensations which will lead to an intense orgasm.

But let’s say you are ready to take your experience to the next level. You’ll want to select a set of Kegel Balls that are hollow and have a separate bead inside them. Once inside of you, these types of balls offer different sensations meant to stimulate sexual pleasure with even the most subtle movement. If you’re a Fifty Shades of Grey fan, you can try wearing them out in public to get that extra feeling of naughtiness.

How to use the Kegel Balls with your Partner

This is where you need to ask yourself, “How adventurous am I feeling today?” Because Kegel Balls are for female use, experimenting in couples play can be as simple as your partner knowing that you have them in place. Often the excitement your partner will have knowing that you are open to trying new things can take your sexual experience to new heights. Or another option is going digital or handing over the remote. Give your partner the controls for a hot night out on the town and see where it takes you.

Using the Kegel Balls with Lube, Stimulants or Enhancements

It is highly suggested that you use your favorite lubricant with use of your kegel balls. Because of the different materials at play, there could be some unwanted friction you’ll want to avoid. We recommend using a water based lubricant since it is typically fabric safe and less prone to staining. Also, if your kegel balls have any silicone parts, a silicone lubricant may cause those parts to degrade over time. Silicone is suggested for glass toys because it provides a super slick feeling and won’t affect your toys made of glass or steel.

Selecting the Best Kegel Balls

Now that you know the ins and outs of Kegel balls, we have put together a list of the ones we offer to help you decide which is right for you. Broken down by category, we have something for everyone to enjoy.


Shibari Cherry Kegel Balls – Comes in a set of 4 different weights to get you started so you can work your way up and build your pelvic floor.

Rianne S Kegel Playballs – An intro to dual balls, this set includes 4 different weights of balls. It also has a silicon holder with string for easy removal.

Toyfriend Trainer Kegel Ball Single – See if you like it with a lightweight silicone ball.




Once you have figured out that Kegel balls or exercises are for you, you can step up to more advanced toys. These toys can add some vibration or different weights to help strengthen your PC muscles.


This line of Kegel toys can be controlled by a mobile phone application or are USB rechargeable for customizable fun. 

If you’re ready to give a pair of Kegel Balls a try, use coupon code “kegelballspg10” on checkout for 10% off your first kegel ball purchase.