At the Couples Toy Store we offer many products to help enhance your sexual experience. From intensifying the sensation of your g-spot, to making him last longer during sex…we’ve got everything you need to create a night you won’t forget. However, with so many products to choose from, the decision can be a bit overwhelming. In this guide, we will break down each of the categories so you know the in’s and out’s of each type of product.

Clitoral Stimulants

Clitoral stimulants are designed to help a woman become aroused quicker as well as experience a more intense orgasm. From oils to creams, they come in many different forms. They help to awaken nerve endings and increase blood flow to the vagina. Once applied, some will have a warming effect or a tingling sensation. Not only do clitoral stimulants help you achieve orgasm, but they also increase lubrication making this a great product for women going through menopause or other hormonal changes.

G-Spot Stimulant/Enhancement

G-Spot gels and creams are focussed solely on increasing the size and sensitivity of a woman’s g-spot. You simply massage the product on to your g-spot and it will begin to increase the blood flow to that area. The g-spot is located about 1-2 inches inside the vagina on the frontal wall (belly side). The g-spot will become easier to find and stimulate during sex. In addition, it also helps to lubricate the vagina.

Male Enhancers

We offer a wide variety of enhancements for men. First, we have special gels that applied directly to the penis to help provide ejaculation control.  Male enhancers also help a man last longer during intercourse by slightly desensitizing the nerve endings in the head of the penis. Another enhancement we offer is a drive boosting gel/cream. Drive boosters naturally help a man experience more desire and drive during sexual activity. Boosters naturally increase a man’s testosterone. Last, we offer stimulating gels that are applied to a man’s sweet spot at the base of the glans. This helps to promote blood flow to the area and increase sensitivity.

Nipple Stimulants

Nipple arousing cream is a great way to enhance foreplay. When applied directly to the nipple, these creams/gels have a cooling sensation that makes nipples more erect and sensitive. Nipple stimulants are designed to last an average of 10-20 minutes.

Oral Stimulants

Oral sex has never been so fun and delicious. Edible creams come in a variety of flavors. We also offer throat relaxing sprays to help desensitize the throat and allow you to go deeper than ever before. All of these products are completely edible, natural, and safe to ingest.


Pheromones are odors released on the skin that can trigger certain behaviors in others. Scents can naturally enhance a sexual experience by creating a stronger attraction to your partner. We offer a wide variety of pheromone products; from perfumes, to lotions, to candles. Each product comes with specific directions on when and where to apply it for maximum benefits. For example, some are best worn at night when trying to attract a male/female. Others might work well during the day to attract a male/female.

Relaxing Serums

Our line of relaxing serums are designed specifically for the anus. Relaxing serums do not numb the sphincter, but rather relax it to make anal play more comfortable. They use all natural ingredients and can also increase lubrication in the anus since the anus is not self-lubricating.

Tightening Gels

Tightening gels/serums help to contract the vaginal tissue, creating tightness and warmth. The products make sex more pleasurable and intense since the vagina becomes slightly swollen and takes on a more youthful plushness. They are especially great to use after a baby or post-menopause.

Warming/Cooling Enhancements

Last, we offer a variety of warming and cooling gels/creams. Cooling and warming gels are designed to increase sensation and pleasure during sexual play. Depending on the type of enhancement you want to enjoy, you can choose from products that cool and tingle or create warmth and heat. Use these products on any body part.

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