Hailing from the vibrant shores of Australia, Vush stands as a beacon of sexual wellness, crafting products designed by women, for women. Their philosophy is simple yet profound – ‘We create what we crave’. They understand your desires because they resonate with their own. This intimate connection was thrust into the global spotlight when the Majesty 2 vibrator made a star-studded appearance in Cardi B’s award-winning ‘Up’ music video, catapulting both the product and Vush into worldwide acclaim.

At Vush, they’re not just selling sexual wellness products; they’re inviting you to embark on a journey of self-love and exploration. Their mission? To empower you to celebrate your body, prioritize your pleasure, and embrace the joy of loving yourself. We’re thrilled to welcome you into the Vush world, where each product is a ticket to an adventure of personal discovery.

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