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Toy Cleaner

We all love to have fun but making sure our toys are clean should always be a top priority. The Couples Toy Store carries only the highest quality toy cleaners that are sure to keep your gadgets in the best condition possible. From quick wipes, to foam cleansers; we’ve got the tools you need to get the job done.

Why Do I Need To Clean My Sex Toy?

Keeping your sex toy clean not only helps prolong its life, but also ensures you have a healthy and safe experience. Using a high quality toy cleaner makes it a snap to keep your toys ready for whenever and wherever the moment strikes.

Which Cleaner is Best for My Sex Toy ?

In most cases, sex toy cleaner solutions will have specific ingredients that are designed to work with the materials your toy is constructed of. If you find yourself in a pinch and need to wash your toys, you can substitute warm water and dish soap to get you through. Also, we highly recommend cleaning your toys both BEFORE and AFTER use to make sure you eliminate any lingering bacteria. If sharing your sex toy, be sure to use a sex toy specific cleaner between uses.

For more recommendations on how to select a cleaner that is right for your toy collection, check out our Cleaning Guide.