What are Wand Massagers?

Is it a vibrator or a massager? This is a common question that is asked when purchasing a wand massager for the first time. The Hitachi Magic Wand was originally intended to be a neck and back massager. Additionally, these devices were plugged in to outlets which provided much more power than a typical vibrator. Over the course of it’s lifespan, these massagers have become very popular sex toys.

Features of the Wand Massager

This category of vibrators was designed to have a rounded, flexible head and a long base. It stores all of its power and vibration in the rounded tip which gives off an intense stimulation. The tip is able to bend and flex so it will reach all the curves of the body. The base or handle does not vibrate at all. This allows the user to easily direct the powerful vibrations without causing the entire hand to vibrate. Another great feature of the wand massager is that it is discreet. It was intended to look like a typical neck/back massager. You can easily keep this in your bathroom cabinet or on your nightstand without anyone giving it a second eye. To add, older versions of the wand massagers have cords and are plugged in. Newer versions are USB rechargeable and still deliver a powerful experience.

How to Use the Wand Massager for Self Pleasure

The wand massager is intended for external use only which makes it an ideal toy for self pleasure. For example, simply move the vibrating head around the curves of your body to experience an intense pleasure. However, be very careful not to keep the wand massager on one area for too long. This can actually cause the area to go numb and become desensitized. The key words here are to “keep moving”.  Move the head all over, feel the vibrations, and succumb to the intense pleasure.

How to Use the Wand Massager as a Couple

There is nothing more erotic than using a wand massager to bring your partner to complete ecstasy. With one partner in total control, use the vibrating head to reach every curve of the body. For example, for women focus on the vulva with continuous circular movements. For men, tease the area around the penis and watch him quiver with excitement. Feeling a bit more daring, move the wand in and around the anus on both partners. However, don’t stay in one area for too long. Keep the toy moving. You can even try putting a thin blanket or pillowcase between the wand and body if the sensations are too intense. With the wand massager, the possibilities are endless, and so are the orgasms.

How to Use the Wand Massager with Lubricant

For the best experience when using a wand massager, make sure the area is wet and lubricated. A small amount will do, so no need to over saturate the area. The soft silky feeling of wetness will further enhance the massagers pleasure packed vibrations. A silicone or water based lubricant will work just fine. Also, If you want to heat things up, try a warming lubricant while massaging. In other words, you may just get all hot and bothered.

Selecting the Best Wand Massager

Since the wand massager has been around for decades, there are so many different options to choose from. Corded, wireless, Bluetooth compatible. We’ve narrowed down the key features of the toy so the process to find the best massager is a bit easier.


First, these wand massagers are a great choice for beginners because they are easy to use and operate. With a simple on/off power button and easy to use controls, these massagers are a great way to gain experience with such a powerful toy.


Second, these cordless massagers take the pleasure to new levels. With patent-pending smart touch technology, the touch sensor increases the intensity of the vibrations from the moment the wand contacts your body.



To continue, these waterproof massagers can be used both in the bath/shower or out. They are fully submersible and will provide powerful stimulation in the wettest environment.


Last, these massagers are designed to look like the typical neck/back massager. The wand can be left out on the counter or in your bathroom cabinet without anyone giving it a second thought. In other words, keep your naughty secret… a secret.

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