Couples Review: Magic Wand Original Massager

Magic Wand Sex Toy Review with panties and dice

The Magic Wand Backstory

Behold the Magic Wand Original Massager, a legendary icon in the world of pleasure products. Birthed in 1968 as a humble massager for easing muscle fatigue, this unassuming device swiftly ascended to become the most celebrated and recognizable sex toy in history. Often likened to the ‘little black dress’ of the pleasure product realm, the Magic Wand stands as a testament to simplicity and effectiveness in delivering unparalleled satisfaction.

The Magic Wand’s journey from a muscle relaxer to a beacon of intimate delight is a tale of serendipity and innovation. Today, it exists in many forms but the OG’s of the bunch are the classic Magic Wand Original and the modern Magic Wand Rechargeable, offering cordless freedom. Both models embody the same spirit of intense, reliable performance, leaving the choice between a tethered experience or cordless convenience in your hands.

How does it work?

The Magic Wand works best as an external massager. It is perfect for clitoral stimulation and foreplay. It comes equipped with 2 power levels – low and high. At the top speed, this baby packs 6,000 RPMs. It is insanely powerful. So much so, that it takes some easing into if you’ve never tried the Magic Wand before. The soft, moveable head allows you to maneuver the wand easily so you can reach the perfect spot. 

Basically, you just flip the switch on and have at it. It’s simple to use but produces some of the most mind blowing orgasms again, and again, and again. 

You can use the Magic Wand right out of the box but if you’re looking to really up your toy game, there are ton of attachments available – for both him and her

What’s Included & First Impression?

When we opened the Magic Wand for the first time, we were both taken back by the size. This toy is not small, and it is definitely not discreet. Given the fact that this was originally intended to be used to massage muscles…the size makes sense. It looks and feels high quality. We knew the Magic Wand would be powerful but didn’t really understand how powerful until we turned it on. This thing just sounds intense. I got a good chuckle out of it because this is NOT a toy you would want to use if you are trying to be secretive or not let the kids know what’s going on. They will hear it. 😉 Save this one for some private, alone time. So, yes, powerful would be an understatement! It was more than we were both expecting. After opening the box and playing around with it, we couldn’t wait to try it out later that evening!

The box included:

Her Thoughts On The Sex Toy Review

Her Thoughts

This is probably the most awkward way to start a review but I wonder how many of you out there have a similar story. I SWEAR when I was a kid, probably 9 or 10ish, I found the Magic Wand in my parent’s closet. Now I was young at the time so I can’t say for certain that it was this exact toy, but I would be willing to bet that it was. I remember wondering what the heck it was and my mother telling me it was a massager that her and my father used for their backs and shoulders. Now…I highly doubt that’s what this thing was being used for, but I could be wrong. 😉 

Anyway, fast forward 20 years or so and when I saw the Magic Wand online. I totally remembered seeing it before. Yep…from my much younger days. The days before I was browsing sex toys with my husband. haha. I obviously knew we had to give this a go because of all the hype and the history surrounding it. I mean, how can you NOT have the very first sex toy to date in your arsenal of toys? Plus…6,000 RPM. Holy cow. I wanted to try it out and understand what that kind of power felt like first hand. 

The first time we used this was during foreplay one night. Jon put the massager on low and playfully massaged my body, avoiding my most sensitive lady parts. When he finally moved the Magic Wand onto my clitoris I busted out laughing and pushed it away as fast as I could. HOLY COW. The power was out of this world. AND we made the rookie mistake of going for the kill shot without any barrier (like panties or a blanket). Every time he tried to get that thing near my lady parts I couldn’t stop laughing from the sensation. It was way too much power – in my honest opinion. 

So, I told him to grab a blanket and try using it over the blanket. MUCH better. The sensation was out of this world, OMG, amazing. Having a little barrier in between my goods and the Magic Wand made all the difference. I orgasmed hard and fast and multiple times in a row. I actually had to wave the white flag for a break because my body couldn’t handle the sensations anymore. Definitely not a bad problem to have. I totally understood this little (big) wand now. I get it. It’s freaking amazing. 

We’ve used the wand several times, with various attachments, and have gradually been able to go sans barrier – and have even tried it on high power. But for me…it took some getting used to and I had to work up to the kind of power this baby produces. 

I would HIGHLY recommend the Magic Wand to any lady out there. Wether you use it alone or with your partner, you will experience pretty insane orgasms. I would be willing to even go as far as saying…I guarantee that. And I don’t say that about every product because it’s hard to know if what works for one person will work for another. I’m pretty sure this one will work for every lady.

We personally have the corded original wand, but many of our friends have the rechargeable and love it. So it just depends on your preference. The cord can be a little restricting if you aren’t within a few feet of an outlet, but we make it work. If I had the choice again, I would probably opt for the rechargeable wand. Either way, you can’t go wrong. So, girl, get you this “little black dress” of sex toys and thank me later. 🙂

His Thoughts On The Sex Toy Review

His Thoughts

I knew from the get go that this purchase wasn’t for me this time but I was all for it. We have heard and read so much on how this was THE toy that really started it all.

The hype was hard to believe because when you look at it, it doesn’t look like anything special. It’s a stick with a big ball on the end of it from the pictures. However, when we got it out and finally turned it on, I understood. It is definitely on the more powerful side of the toy assortment we have. But to me it’s a bit different type of power like uncle Ben in Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility, type of power.

You can absolutely use it right out of the box with no attachment. In my opinion, the down side of that is now you have a really big contact area from the message ball. So fortunately I had been putting some thought into this purchase and bought a textured head attachment at the same time :-). This was the game changer.

Here is the one we bought -> Wand Essentials Triple Thrill Attachment

If this is your first time with the wand, you might want to add a barrier between your lady and the toy to start. As Jane said above the thing was intense to start but as we got into it and comfortable with the vibrations we were able to get rid of the blanket. 

Because we were new to this toy, I bought the attachment that gave us the most options with textures and feels. This turned out to be brilliant because like any mad scientist tester and test subject we had to make sure all three variations worked before we could recommend it.

So we started with the beaded nub side first on the low setting for the wand…. 30 seconds later, magic was made. I’d call that a win.

Then I flipped it over to the waves. This was my favorite. With the waves I was able to up the power on the wand to high, slowly and lightly move the head of the wand around between her legs. This time took longer than 30 seconds but it damn sure was more “explosive” of an orgasm than the one prior… Again, another win.

But here’s the real deal. That tongue looking thing on the attachment….yep, it works. For the 3rd go round Jane was on the brink of tapping out. We briefly discussed our responsibility to provide a full review with some light kissing and caressing. While she was begging to finally get to the sex part we settled on one last try with the Magic Wand tongue side. Hot damn does that thing work really well. Not sure if it was better than the waves but needless to say she was turned into a slip and slide faster than any time I’ve ever seen with this thing.

Our Pro Tips:

  • If you like power, this is your toy.
  • If this is your first time with a wand, cover your lady parts with a blanket or something so you can work up to the power. 
  • A couple drops of lube help slick it up a bit for better movement across your partners body.
  • Start gentle. Don’t start with brute force or else you could ruin the experience right off for both of you.
  • The attachments are where it’s at. Get one for both of you. We suggest the external ones for her and the stroker type ones for him. If you are bent on getting the Internal attachments, proceed with caution.

The Family of Magic Wand Vibrators

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  • 6-foot cord
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 6,000RPM on highest power setting
  • One of the top 10 most Influential devices of all time according to Time Magazine


  • Original has attached cord, so you will need to be near an outlet. 

Final Thoughts

The Magic Wand definitely lives up to the hype in our opinion. The power produces mind blowing, OMG worthy orgasms every time!

This is one of the best sex toy for couples, foreplay, or solo use. It is a perfect staple in your toy collection.

We’ve told you how great it is, but don’t just take our word for it! Give it a try and thank us later!

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