We-Vibe Pivot Features

This is what makes this vibrating cock ring really buzzzz!

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Durability & Fun: All-In-One Package

We’ve talked about the We-Vibe Pivot many times and the reason is because it is simply one of our favorite vibrating cock rings. It has been a staple toy in our chest for over two years now and gets quite the work out. If you’re undecided about which vibrating cock ring is for you, we 100% suggest you start with the Pivot. It’s a really high quality toy, the app works surprisingly well, and it will last you a long time. To say it’s money well spent for both quality and pure bliss, is an understatement.

There’s a couple things to consider when you are looking through all the options of vibrating cock rings. These are also a few of the features we like about the pivot itself as well…

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Rumble in the jungle

Powerful Vibrations

The we-vibe pivot is really powerful for its size. It intensifies the shared pleasure during sex with mind-blowing powerful rumbly vibrations for some toe curling clitoral simulation.

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Anywhere – Anytime


Sometimes you take a hot bath together and the mood takes over, so why not let your pivot join in on the fun? Your play shouldn’t be restricted so the we-vibe pivot is 100% waterproof making it easy to enjoy anywhere and easy to clean.

Get It Wet
The Fit is right on

Comfortable Design

We have first hand experience to say that the silicone used in the Pivot is stretchy and silky smooth. It will accommodate most men pretty easily over the base of their shaft.

Feel The Vibration
Don’t Stop The Fun

Low Power Alert

Our we-vibe pivot has always been ready when we reached for it but when it is low on charge, it gives us a low power alert so we know to put in on the charger when we’re done.

Connect The Power
Sex In The Digital Age

The We-Connect App

We love using the app.. but our biggest piece of advice with the we-vibe pivot and any we-vibe toy, is to get familiar with the app first. There’s nothing worse than getting hot and heavy only to be fumbling with your phone, that’s not hot at all. But if you figure out what you like or where you want to start ahead of time, it’s easy to get things going on the app quickly and maximize your pleasure in the moment.

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Re-Up the Buzzzz

The Pivot is Rechargeable!

The pivot is rechargeable and lasts for up to 2 hours on a single charge. So there is no need to go buy a pack of batteries to have on stand-by. You can plug the usb charge cable into the same outlet you use for your iPhone, how great is that?

Vibrating Cock Ring Rockstar

Variety is the spice of life, and the pivot adds that spice in as many ways as you want…

~ Anaïs Nin

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