Top 10 Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day: Pivot by We-Vibe

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It’s that special time of year…the month of love has arrived. While you may show your special someone love all throughout the year, it’s always nice to give them a little something extra for Valentine’s Day. We’ve compiled a list of our 10 recent best sellers to help you choose a gift that is perfect for him or her.
Next up, a cock ring designed just for couples Pivot by We-Vibe. The Pivot cock ring provides your man with longer lasting erections and powerful orgasms. What’s even better, it includes a large vibrating head so you can position the ring in a perfect spot to satisfy the woman as well. The Pivot also pairs with the We-Connect mobile app so you can customize your sexual experience and have complete control right from your phone. This works especially well if you and your partner are in different locations, as one can control the device from afar. The Pivot comes equipped with 10 rumbly vibrations, a stretchy and comfortable design to fit all sizes, 100% waterproof exterior, and a 2-year warranty.  Cock rings are one of our favorite types of sex toys around here. They are easy to use and produce some pretty sensational orgasms. This little baby stands out among the rest because it packs major power and is fun to use with the We-Connect app. We love being able to create our own vibrations and control the intensity with just a swipe of the finger. If you are looking for a cock ring that will pleasure both you and your partner, the Pivot will deliver. The Pivot is a tried and true cock ring that always produces happy results, so this one makes the list of Top 10 Gifts for Valentine’s Day. For a limited time only, use the code: VDAY2019 to take 20% off the Pivot. Also, don’t forget that you will earn 5% for every purchase made through Our Loyalty program is the best in the industry because you MATTER to us! The money you earn gets stored in your Loyalty Bank and can be used toward any future purchase.   Valentine's Day Gift Pivot by We-Vibe   We hope you enjoy the Pivot as much as we do and we hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Jon & Jane