Couples Review: Secret VII Game

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What is Secret VII?

Plain and simple- Secret VII is a card game centered around performing sexual acts on your partner. The game was created to allow you to experience the type of foreplay that you desire. We’ve found that it is also an excellent communication tool for any relationships; new or old. Secret VII is truly unique in the sense that the game allows you to communicate your sensual desires with your partner in a relaxed and comfortable way. It is not one of those typical cheesy card/dice/board games that leave you feeling uncomfortable and unsatisfied. 

How do you play Secret VII?

Secret VII is simple and easy to play. There are three types of cards: blue, yellow and red. They have pleasure activities listed on them that range from mild to wild. Each person chooses 7 pleasure cards that they want performed on them (you can pick any combination of colors). There are also blank cards that you can use to add your favorite activities or things you already know you enjoy.

Players take turns with the goal to roll a 7 or 11. Whenever a player hits a 7 or 11, their partner pulls one of the roller’s pleasure cards, and then that activity is performed on the roller for two minutes. The winner is the first person to have all 7 pleasure cards performed on them. The game puts each partner in control of getting what they want, and allows the other to be of service to their partner. It really highlights the skills and intimacy in a relationship!

We’ve played Secret VII more times than I can count and each time we add our own little twist on it. You can definitely play by the rules, but sometimes we like to pick only a certain color card or add a lightning round. We’ll get into that more in a separate post so stay tuned! 

What’s Included & First Impression?

We were first introduced to Secret VII at the Sex Expo in Brooklyn, NY. We were fortunate enough to chat with the owner and creator, LaDonna Wright. She shared with us why she created the game and how it can help couples to build strong communication skills and develop intense passion. We were super intrigued and couldn’t wait to try the game for ourselves. 

When it arrived at our door, I think we were both pretty giddy! The box was very well put together and seemed a bit more classy then some of the other sex games we’ve purchased in the past. 

In the box included:

  • 400 Pleasure Cards
  • Dice
  • Timer
  • Instructions
Her Thoughts On The Sex Toy Review

Her Thoughts

Let me preface my entire review by saying that I LOVE this game. Like, LOVE it. 

The first night we played Secret VII I was really excited. I didn’t really have any expectations going into it, I was just ready to dive in and see where the night would lead.  Jon and I set out the game and began choosing our 7 cards. Basically, you start by picking ANY 7 cards that you want in your hand. The cards range from mild to wild- and it is up to each person to select their own hand of cards. I took some time going through each color. The blue cards (mild) were very comfortable for me. I was A-ok with most of them and happily picked a few blue cards to add to my hand. Then I moved into the yellow. most of these were what I would expect as far as sexual activities go. However, the red cards really run the gamut. I blushed MANY times reading some of these cards. Now, Jon and I like to get wild and crazy sometimes- but some of these red cards were REALLY crazy- like WAY out of my comfort zone. But- the great thing about this game is that you get to pick the cards you want. So if you don’t like a card, don’t pick it. Which definitely made me happy. 

Once I was satisfied with my hand of 7 and Jon had his hand, we started to play. We took turns rolling to see who would get a 7 or 11. Jon hit first so I had to choose one of his pleasure cards to perform – which I happily obliged. The timer is set for 2 minutes and things heat up QUICK. I’m pretty sure we were only a few cards deep and we both didn’t want the timer to go off. The acts really get you going and then you have to stop. AND that is HARD. Literally and figuratively. 😉

You keep taking turns and the first person to run out of cards is the winner. However, I really don’t think anyone loses in this game. You get to spend A LOT of time pleasuring each other- so it’s pretty much pure bliss. 

However, there are a few things I do want to note.

1. Most of the cards Jon had in his hand I was comfortable with. Some definitely caught me off guard and I was a bit hesitant to perform the act. This is where the communication part really comes in. Talk about the card. Talk about the act. Can you modify the act or maybe take it down a notch and work up to it?Communicating about how I felt was key for us to be able to enjoy the game. Jon will do and try ANYTHING. 😉 But it takes me a little more time to work up to new things. And the more we play- the better we’ve been able to communicate and enjoy it. It’s actually really helped us try new things and it’s definitely helped me understand exactly what I like and what gets me off every time. 

2. Don’t feel like you have to play by the rules. We like to change up the rules depending on our mood and the type of evening we want to have. For example- one night we wanted to keep things really sensual and intimate. We cracked open a bottle of wine and only allowed ourselves to pick the blue cards. These blue cards are mostly comprised of massaging, kissing, and oral sex. So it was perfect for a slow, passionate night of love making. We’ve also played the complete opposite way where we pick only yellow or red cards- and we have to pick 1 card of an act we’ve never done before so it allows us to try something new. Basically, in short- don’t feel restricted by the instructions. Talk about the game and what you want to experience and tweak it to make it work for you. 

Those are really my two biggest pieces of advice with Secret VII. I really believe this game can impact your relationship in such a positive way. Jon and I are able to communicate about our sexual wants, needs, desires without any qualms and we are trying so many new things. And when you’ve been having sex for like 15 years- this is so refreshing and FUN. 


His Thoughts On The Sex Toy Review

His Thoughts

Jane and I like to write our portions of the review seperately so that way our individual thoughts and feelings come out on the different aspects of the products we review. So here goes for Secret VII and what I, Jon, as the male side of our relationship think of this couples game:

In my opinion, the Secret VII game is absolutely amazing. I say that for a couple different and very specific reasons.

First and foremost, Communication. If you are looking for something to initiate the conversation with your partner on what you like or something you might want to try, this game is most definitely for you. It really can get as crazy as you want or conversely, as tame as you want. The first time Jane and I played we made sure to go in with an open mind and made sure that if we knew something would be extreme to the the other partner, that we would talk about it. So for example, Jane, for our first game night, said no “butt stuff”. So I didn’t include any cards that had “butt stuff” on it. Easy enough. But I don’t want to marginalize this because, straight up, of all the games we have ordered and tried, Secret VII has made the process of communicating what each of us are in to easy and comfortable in the moment when it means the most.

Second, for me, is the level of progression you can set the cards up to take during game play. If you go with complete luck of the draw you could be 69’in or going balls deep right from the get go. But I would argue that this isn’t the right way to play this game. I would suggest picking a good mix of blue, yellow and red cards so that you build up to the ultimate crescendo. You and I both know your partner will draw from the middle of your hand when you fan it out, so put the hardcore cards out on the edge of your “fan” so it doesn’t get picked first. The last thing you want to do is shoot your only shot on the first card, so position your cards to build up. Trust me on this and then thank me later.

Lastly, this game truly is adaptable to your mood. Look, there are times where you know that you and your partner just feel like hardcore fucking, this game can be a fun way to start that. However, you also know that there are times where you know your partner wants a much slower, much more sensual, low key – enjoy each other type of love making. This game facilitates that too! and everything in between.

Simply put, here is the stone cold truth about Secret VII:

For $35, it is stupid not to have this game in your toy box. Of all the games Jane and I have tried for review sake :-), this is the only one that truly allows you to control the experience you want to have, gets you to try new things, and flat-out doesn’t make your encounters awkward.

Jane and I play this game fairly often for game nights and we have created several different ways to play that I’m sure we’ll write about but for now here’s my thoughts on a couple aspects:

Cards – You get Blue, Yellow, and Red cards. That is from mild to wild. The blue are tame, the yellow start to get sideways and the red cards, if you blush easily there are some that will get you for sure. However, you get blank black cards as well. I highly suggest you use those cards to make sure if there is an act or toy or movement (something that you like) that gets in the game. The black cards are amazing.

Time – 2 minutes is the perfect time so use the time. Obviously the goal in the end is to “get off” but if you blow your load on the first card because you went 3 minutes then it defeats the point. Use the time and stick with it.

Be strategic with how you order your cards – Like I mentioned above, going right into a balls deep situation might not be the best to keep the mood. Work up to it and deliver in the end, trust me on this.

Don’t Limit yourself – You have cards with sex acts, dice and a timer. If you think there is a better way to play, do it. Don’t limit yourself to the rules. The entire point of this is to have fun, communicate, and everyone wins. If playing differently makes the win that much more sweeter, do it.

Stop thinking at this point, get the damn game. Then write us an email and tell me how right I was. #yourwelcome.

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  • Very easy to play
  • You are in control of the experience
  • Many different sexual acts to choose from
  • Blank cards to create your own ideas


  • Sometimes 2 minutes isn’t enough time 
  • Some red cards are pretty intense

Final Thoughts

This is our favorite sex game- and we have tried many. This one really allows you to experience pleasure the way you want and doesn’t put you in any awkward situations. It is fun and easy to play! 

This is one of the best sex games for couples. It is a must have! If you want to give it a try, we’ve discounted it just for you!!

We’ve told you how great it is, but don’t just take our word for it!

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