Best Sex Toys For Couples Guide

Sex toys are a novelty that can bring you and your partner closer than ever. These wonderful tools can enhance your relationship, liven up your sex life, and create more intimacy between the sheets. When deciding to introduce sex toys into your relationship, you and your partner should have an open and honest conversation about it. What is your goal as a couple? What do you hope to gain from bringing toys into the bedroom? Are you looking to just spice things up? Are you in a sexual slump? Are you hoping to take your sexual play a step further? Whatever the choice is, the decision to begin using sex toys should be mutually agreed upon. Once you’ve made this decision, you are about to embark on a new and exciting journey together. The benefits of using sex toys with your partner are endless!

Best Sex Toys For Couples Product Guide

Enhance communication

Communication is one of the most important parts of a relationship. Little or poor communication can lead to big problems. Introducing sex toys into your relationship requires you to communicate. Not only to make the decision to start, but all throughout the journey of using the toys. You should feel comfortable telling your partner what you like, what you don’t like, what feels good. Talking open and honestly about your sexual experience can strengthen your communication skills. 

Enhance the spark

Whether you realize it or not, bringing sex toys into the bedroom can spark a new level of curiosity about your partner. Remember the excitement you felt when you first started dating? The butterflies? The giddiness? Sex toys can help you relive that excitement over and over again. You may even learn something new about your partner. Maybe he likes a certain type of lube, or maybe she wants you to focus on external stimulation. The new experiences will illicit deeper conversations and growth for both parties. 

Enhance comfort

If you and your partner have been dating or married for a long period of time, you may have gotten all too cozy in the comfort zone. Bringing sex toys into your relationship will not only enhance your sexual experience but can take you outside of your comfort zone. Change can be uncomfortable but when you are experiencing this change with someone you care for, huge relationship gains can follow. You will be expanding your likes, dislikes, strenghts and weaknesses…and you will grow together as a couple. 

Where to start?

Now that we’ve given you a few of the key ways sex toys can enhance your relationship, let’s get started with choosing the perfect toy! Below, we’ve broken down our favorite, and some of the most popular, toys that are perfect for anyone from beginners to experienced users. Each category includes pre-selected options of toys to start with, as well as information about each type of toy. You can take our selections, or you can delve deeper into each category and select a toy that is perfect for you. 

Sex Toys for beginners


If you and your partner have never used a sex toy before or are just starting to dabble in this exciting world, we’ve got the perfect toys to start with. These toys are easy to use, featuring simple on/off buttons, they are easy to control, and they don’t have an overwhelming amount of vibration settings/modes. Not only have we tried, and loved, the toys listed in this category…but they also rank among the highest for best sex toys for beginners.

Sex Toys for intermediates

Our intermediate category is for those users who are already comfortable with a variety of basic sex toys. You are knowledgeable with the different types of toys and how you can use them to experience varying levels of pleasure. These toys have a bit of flair and are the perfect “in between” toy for couples looking to experience a little more. With higher intensity levels, or different ways to control the pleasure, these sex toys for intermediates are among our favorites!

sex toys for experts

Our expert users are not afraid to try something new. Whether you like things a little kinkier, prefer dual stimulation, or enjoy pleasuring the back door, these toys will satisfy you in more ways than one. Pair these toys with warming lube, tightening serum, or enhancement gel to experience an entirely new sensation. Even for our experts, these sex toys can ignite a new passion between you and your lover.