Couples Date Guide: Group Date

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The couples date series is a guide to organizing a day or event to keep the passion alive between you and your partner. The date guide will walk you through how to setup the beginning and middle so you get the perfect ending.

Two is better than one. The more the merrier. All aboard. We hear lots of phrases and quotes reminding us that doing things with more than one person is good, fun, and better than solo acts (sometimes)! The same logic can be applied to planning a date. Why plan a date just for one other person, when you can plan a group date?

I’m a social gal by nature. I love the idea of a group date for a few reasons:

  1. The more, the merrier! With more people there are more topics to discuss, more laughs to be had, and more company to enjoy.
  2. Certain activities work better with a group than a two-some, so a date with that kind of activity is more fun.
  3. More of the workload, planning and contributing can be shared.

How to Plan this Ahead

A group date has the potential to be great. To make sure that’s the case for you, there are a number of things to consider as you plan it out.


As much as I love a group date, part of the success of the event is the people who are participating in it. You want to consider a few key elements for a successful guest list:

  • Who gets along? It’s probably best not to invite people who loathe each other. Hopefully you don’t have any of those friends, but just in case. Make sure the people who will be a part of the group date are all amicable!
  • How well do people know each other? This isn’t a huge factor, unless the activity you choose for the group date requires people to know each other well. But it’s something to think about so you can anticipate the ease with which people can relate!
  • Who enjoys similar activities? You may want to invite people who enjoy similar kinds of activities, so you can pick something to do that almost everyone will enjoy.
  • Don’t forget about solo friends – they can tag along too! As the once perpetually single friend, I felt left out at times from couples’ events. Bummer. So, if you have some solo peeps that fit the bill for what you want to put together, don’t forget to add them to the list too!


Once you know the WHO, then you can plan the WHAT. What activity will this group of people enjoy? There are so many possibilities!

  • Bowling
  • Mini golf
  • Festival/fair
  • Club
  • Karaoke
  • Game night
  • Cooking class
  • Wine/beer tasting
  • Camping
  • Skiing
  • Etc., etc., etc.!

When you think about the activity, consider things like time involved (an overnight camping trip versus an evening of bowling), cost, etc. You want to pick something that’s accessible for everyone, doesn’t require a lot of work, and people will want to RSVP ‘yes!’ to.

Where and when

A group date is best planned for when most of the group has off from work. Could mean weekend, day, night, etc. Consider the time people work, get off work, commute, etc. Same goes for place. Picking something local or convenient will likely yield higher attendance than somewhere far away. You don’t want to plan a fun group date and then have people say they can’t make it because it doesn’t work with their schedule. Obviously, you can’t please everyone, but you want to know your audience and pick a time and place that works for most!

Food and drink

Your activity may lend itself to food and drink, but you want to make your plans for that clear. If you go bowling, are you going to order pizza at the bowling alley? If you go to karaoke, are you eating at the restaurant where karaoke is ahead of time? If you’re having a game night, are people bringing pot luck snacks and BYOB? Whatever the plan, make sure it’s communicated and people are on bored! You don’t want any hangry or thirsty guests as part of your group date.

Whoop whoop, yay for the group!

Once you’ve planned it out, RSVPs are in, and the time has come, get the gang together and enjoy that group date! Take advantage of the quality time with more people than a usual date, make sure your partner has a good time, and have a blast. One of the best parts of a group date is that it’s a memory lots of people make, instead of just two!

How Does this Date End?

At the end of a group date, hopefully you and your partner feel happy and fulfilled. If you haven’t spent all your energy with the group, there might be an opportunity for you both to get lucky. Your chances of that are probably higher if, throughout the group date, you give special solo attention to your boo. Touches, talks, setting the vibe for later.

Group Date Idea 2

Step-by-Step Guide for Planning a Group Date

Here’s your condensed guide for how to plan a group date!

  1. Create your guest list. Think about who gets along, how well people know each other, and people who enjoy similar activities.
  2. Choose your group date activity. Think about things like duration, cost, and what will leave people wanting to RSVP ‘yes!’
  3. Pick the when and where for the group date. Consider people’s schedules and how far the place is for everyone to get to.
  4. Communicate a plan for food and drink. You don’t want to have hangry and/or thirsty guests! That’s a group date mood killer for sure.
  5. Have a blast!

Make memories, enjoy QT with the crowd, and get ready for your friends to suggest you plan another group date in the future.

Group Date Guide