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Why the Womanizer Starlet is My Number 1

Everyone has that special little toy. The one safely tucked away in a bedside drawer. [...]

Couples Date Guide: Solo Date with Yourself

Every date guide we’ve written has been focused on a date between two people. When [...]

New Year, New Directions

REFLECTION TIME! The end of year is almost here! Amidst all of the celebrations, cookies [...]

Let’s [Not] Talk about Sex

I get it. Sex can be a taboo topic for some people. And societally speaking, [...]

The Top 5 Pros of Being Single

I spent most of my 20s single. Some people hate the idea of being single [...]


Compromise. It’s one of those words that’s a pillar in terms of relationship skills. It’s [...]


There are some lovely B words in the English language. Beautiful. Bubble. Badass. Bejeweled. Bodacious. [...]

Different Seasons of Life

Seasons, baby! But not the weather-related kind. I’m talking young adulthood, singlehood, engagement, marriage, children, [...]

When One Door Closes

Think of some books you’ve read recently. Some of them you may not have wanted [...]

In Sickness and in Health

I’m coming off a mean bout of strept throat…the one sickness that has been my [...]