Introducing…VUSH Intimate Pleasure Toys!

Vush Majesty 2 Wand vibrator lifestyle shot

Excitement abounds as we proudly unveil our newest addition…VUSH! Now gracing the shelves of CouplesToyStore! 🤩

In our relentless pursuit to curate a collection of unparalleled brands that align with our mission, the discovery of VUSH felt like a serendipitous union in the realm of pleasure.

VUSH captivated us not only with its beautiful aesthetics but also with a mission that harmonizes seamlessly with our own. Meticulously designed to deliver the epitome of pleasure, VUSH products stand as a testament to inclusivity, catering to both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike. Having had the opportunity to sample a few products, we are excited to share some of our favorites with you!

Let’s begin with the captivating VUSH Rose 2. This incredible bullet vibrator elevates your sensual experiences and is truly designed to ignite indulgent romance. 💋 It is specifically tailored for clitoral stimulation and the sleek design generates waves of pleasure with every touch. In our opinion, what sets the VUSH Rose 2 apart is its whisper-quiet operation, ensuring a discreet and intimate encounter that allows you to explore sensuality without any distractions. It is more than just a toy, the Rose 2 is a companion that enhances the intensity of those sacred intimate moments, orchestrating a symphony of pleasure for those in pursuit of the pinnacle of satisfaction. For a closer look, check it out here

Vush rose 2 bullet vibrator in hand for size

Next up, we want to introduce Muse, the next sensation in self-discovery and the epitome of a rabbit vibrator that transforms self-love into an art form. Muse takes any sexual experience to a new level with its impressive features, including 8 pleasure-optimized patterns and 5 intensity levels, ensuring a diverse range of sensations for breathtaking blended orgasms. This innovative vibrator comes equipped with dual stimulation points, featuring a swaying internal arm that replicates the coveted “come hither” motion adored by both G-spot and P-spot enthusiasts, alongside a flexible external arm. It is divine. Muse invites you to worship at your own altar, guiding you through a symphony of pleasure that unlocks the depths of your sensuality with every touch. It was a favorite, for sure. Check it out here

Vush Rabbit Vibrator in hand

One of our new favorite games…Curiosity Cues, is a refreshing departure from traditional couples’ games that often tread on the side of cheesiness and discomfort. VUSH Curiosity Cues is designed to reignite the spark in relationships by fostering open conversations about intimacy and the bedroom. 🥰 Each card within this unique game serves as a catalyst for thoughtful dialogues, encouraging couples to explore curiosity and delve into shared desires. We had so much fun giving this one a try and genuinely loved the experience. These carefully crafted prompts facilitate playful sessions that entertain while simultaneously enriching the foundation of your connection. VUSH Curiosity Cues allows you to embark on a journey that not only strengthens your bond but also opens the door to new and exciting experiences, redefining the dynamics of intimacy in your relationship. Check out Curiosity Cues here

Vush Curiousity Cues with box

The last toy we tried was Sol, the latest innovation in male intimate pleasure—an advanced vibrating stroker meticulously crafted to enhance both partnered and solo play experiences.  Sol boasts strategically ribbed features, placing pleasure in the palm of your hand. It provided a heightened sensation that surpassed our expectations. Whether you’re engaging in exploration with a partner or savoring solo moments, Sol stands as the key to unlocking a new level of pleasure and satisfaction. If you haven’t experienced Sol yet, we highly recommend. It’s quickly become our new favorite stroker. Check it out here

Vush Sol Vibrating Stroker with box

We are thrilled to share this exciting news of VUSH joining the diverse array of offerings at Couples Toy Store. We invite you to join us in embracing the allure and satisfaction that Vush brings to every intimate moment. Check out the full product line here