Couples Date Guide: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

airplane taking off on the runway
The couples date series is a guide to organizing a day or event to keep the passion alive between you and your partner. The date guide will walk you through how to setup the beginning and middle so you get the perfect ending.

I love to travel. It was very important to my parents that we have family vacations so I’ve been very fortunate to be a frequent traveler since I was young. My former career allowed me the opportunity to travel as well, so I have seen some beautiful places and met amazing people. Travel has been an important part of my life.

And THAT inspired this date idea! Well that, and the amazing [un]planned day date I had with my partner yesterday. A date involving some sort of TRAVEL. Whether it be by train, plane, or automobile, I love the idea of a date requiring travel because:

  1. Travel is FUN! It’s a chance to go somewhere, see something and experience a new place.
  2. Travel evokes a sense of adventure! Whether you travel often or usually stay local, hitting the road to another place is exiting!
  3. Photo opps. Need I say more? Documenting a special little trip is fun to have in the moment and to look back on.

How to Plan this Ahead

A date requiring travel can take a tiny bit of planning or a lot of planning. That depends on where you’re going and what you’re doing! Let’s break down each mode of transportation.


o   What’s exciting about a plane? Airports and planes are like my second home. I love ’em! There is so much buzz in an airport – people excited to be going somewhere or people excited to be coming back home. Taking off, going wheels up is super exciting – you’re actually IN THE AIR! Looking down below is really cool, depending on what you fly over. And touching down really gets those butterflies going in your belly!

o   Benefits of taking a plane: Travel times are the shortest with a plane. You have lots of quality time with your partner through the entire airport experience. Airports have lots of dining and shopping options. Airports are great for people watching. There is a smaller amount of travelers on a plane than in a train or on the road (as long as you’re not on a gigantic plane going overseas).

o   When/why to take a plane: Take a plane if you’re going somewhere far away. Take a plane if you want to maximize time where you’re going and not spend it in transit.

o   How to plan: Decide your destination. Look up ticket prices. I use Google flights and their analytics tools to know when to buy my tickets. If you’re taking a plane somewhere, don’t forget to find yourself a place to stay – unless you’re doing roundtrip plane travel in a day!


o   What’s exciting about a train? I took a train somewhere recently and forgot how great they are as a mode of transportation to get somewhere. Some train stations are small and quaint, making you feel like you’re watching a movie from the early 1900s. Others are grand and exquisite and look like museums! Trains are so old school and remind you of a different place and time in our world. It’s fun to travel via train thinking about that!

o   Benefits of taking a train: You can work while you travel. You can talk with your partner (as long as you’re not in a quiet car). You can sleep. You can store luggage without extra cost. You can still use your phone/wi-fi. Tickets are less expensive than plane tickets. You avoid road-commuter travel on a train.

o   When/why to take a train: Take a train when you’re going somewhere far enough that it gets you there faster than a car, yet close enough that it can also be traveled roundtrip in a day if you want.

o   How to plan: Decide where you want to go. Check out local train stations – some might be bigger hubs while others might be just for local routes. Decide where you want to go for a date and find the best route! EXAMPLE) For those in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, taking a train to New York City or Washington, D.C. is a perfect opportunity to train it up!


o   What’s exciting about a car? ROAD TRIP! Those words are exciting on their own! You’re the captain of the ship (er, car) when you take a car somewhere. You go where you want, when you want, and can change your mind at any time. You get to see different landscapes, drive different speed limits, and play the license plate game.

o   Benefits: You decide where you want to go and when. You can change routes at any time. You can stop for as many bathroom breaks, meals, and photo opportunities as you want. You can blast the radio as loud as you want. You can take turns driving with your partner. When you get where you’re going, you will have your own mode of transportation there for the rest of the trip.

o   When/why to take a car: Take a car when you want to spend a lot of time cruising with your partner. Take a car when you want to have a car with you where you go.

o   How to plan: As always, decide your destination. Look up directions, and plan around peak traffic times. Pack snacks, drinks, and jams. Have a car charger for your phone. Gas up and go!

Vroom vroom, choo choo, nyerm

Take off, all aboard, buckle up. Whichever mode of transportation you take, GO! Make sure your date is planned at your actual destination and get traveling. Take pictures, make memories, eat and drink to your heart’s desire. Enjoy the journey to, during, and back home!

How Does this Date End?

This article doesn’t plan your actual date for you, but it whets your whistle for planning a little trip and helping you decide the best way to get there. For each of these different modes of transportation, there are definitely some ways to ‘have some fun’…ever head of the mile-high club? Road head? I’m sure there’s a term for that kind of fun on a train too. A fun date traveling somewhere is guaranteed to earn your points and get you a happy ending!

Planes, Trains, Automobiles

Step-by-Step Guide for Planning a Date Requiring Travel

Here’s your condensed guide for how to plan a date requiring travel!

  1. Pick your destination
  2. Decide if it’s best to take a plane, train, or automobile
  3. Research the best route and book tickets (if necessary)
  4. Plan (or leave it to be spontaneous) the actual date when you get to your destination
  5. Enjoy the destination as well as the journey home

Couples Date Guide- planes trains automobiles