During Quarantine, it’s All About the Little Things

couple laying on bed cuddling with a book

QUARANTINE. What day is it? How long have we been doing this thing? With the world on pause, we’ve been stuck at home figuring out a new normal. A lot of things have been hard, and the things that have been easy aren’t necessarily the best…things like falling into a rut and annoying those in close quarters with you (that you probably haven’t spent this much time with…either ever, or in years!).

It’s uncertain when things will return to “normal,” so what can we do in the meantime to make the most of this time at home with our partner? Believe it or not, you don’t have to spend extra money or a lot of effort to make each other feel good in otherwise unnerving times. There are lots of little things we can do during these quarantined days to keep our relationships thriving! 

This is what we’ve been doing – and loving!

Reach out and Touch Someone

If you’re like us, you’ve been cooking a lot more these days – which means dishes galore. Rub your partner’s neck while they do the dishes as a thank you for them doing the dirty work. Chores feel better when they’re appreciated, especially when that appreciation involves a free massage!

woman hugging man from behind while he does the dishes

Hug. It. Out! Research shows that embracing for six seconds releases dopamine – and with all the negative news and being forced to stay home, that dose of dopamine could do us all good! Not only does dopamine relieve depression, but it makes us happy and gives us those feel good vibes all over!

Girllllll, You Look Good!

It’s been easy to work from home in pajamas. So one day a week, get ready as if you were going to the office! Put on your regular work clothes, do your hair and makeup, and give your partner a taste of your work-day wardrobe they haven’t seen in…how many days now?

Break up the days from the nights. Dress up for a date night at home! No need to do anything fancy – watch your regular TV show, drink your usual wine, but do it dressed up in date night clothes. Who says quarantine can’t be cute?

Mmm Mmm Mmm for the Smell of It…

One little thing that’s been fun is to put on a spritz or two of perfume (me) or cologne (my hubs). It makes us feel a little fancier than our work-from-home attire does, and also catches each other’s attention. I love when my babe winks at me from across the room because he can smell my perfume when I walk by!

man cover womans eyes while she holds cup of coffee

Get up five minutes early and start the first pot of coffee so your partner wakes up to a home filled with that welcome morning scent. Don’t drink coffee? Whip up breakfast before they wake up so they can start the day with a tasty meal. Go crazy with bacon and eggs, or keep it simple with a toasted waffle! Who doesn’t love the scent of a waffle wafting through the house?

Do You Hear What I Hear?

At the end of day, instead of scrolling through your phones, put on some music and lay together. Put on a special song, a band you both love, whatever feels good – and lay together snuggling while you listen. The break from our usual stare-at-technology routine gives us a moment to relax and be quiet together.

two men laying in bed listening to music

Go for a walk during a break! It’s spring time, so there are plenty of birds chirping and winds blowing to be heard as you stroll. BONUS: hold hands with your partner during your quick little saunter together! When else do you get to take midday walks?

Give Me Some of That Yum-Yum Chocolate Chip Honey Dip…

Since we’re home, cooking is necessary in order to eat. But there are some twists you can make to make cooking more fun! If you make the same dishes repeatedly, find a brand new recipe and make it together. Or, if one of you is usually the primary cook, switch roles and have the usual chef be the sous chef! You can make each other your favorite meals, or add something really funky to it all and feed each other – if you find that romantic! Regardless, there are lots of ways to change up cooking and make the quarantine sweeter than it seems.

man feeding woman strawberries in bed

Bring food into the bedroom! Pick up a carton of strawberries and a canister of whipped cream to make your quarantined playtime a little different.

It’s easy for the days to blend together, but doing a few of these little things each week has made the weeks more exciting! And even though we have to stay home right now, intentionally doing these twists keeps us having things to look forward to.

Whatever you try, we hope you and your partner make each other feel good during these quarantined times! Stay healthy and stay home!