Couples Date Guide: Game Night

man and woman playing chess
The couples date series is a guide to organizing a day or event to keep the passion alive between you and your partner. The date guide will walk you through how to setup the beginning and middle so you get the perfect ending.

“It’s all fun and games.” …famous quote. There’s an entire Game Show Network dedicated to playing game show reruns 24 hours a day. Basically, WE LOVE GAMES! The fun, the competition, the lure of a prize. Which makes it an entertaining idea for a date night!

Today’s date idea of a game night is mostly an opportunity to cut loose and have a good time. I like this date idea for a few reasons:

  1. You can have a game night just with your partner, or with a group of friends or family. I love having options!
  2. You can make it as competitive and structured as you want, or as laid back as you want. It’s a blank canvas for you to create whatever kind of game night you want!
  3. Game nights usually involve yummy snacks and drinks to accompany the fun…who doesn’t like a date that involves both of those?

How to Plan this Ahead

You don’t have to do much to plan a successful date of a game night. Show up, have some games, and a good time almost guaranteed. But a little bit of thought ahead of time can elevate your game night from typical to incredibly memorable. If you want to blow it up, think about the things below:

Who’s in?

Decide if it’s going to be you and your boo, or a group affair. Either way can be a lot of fun, and the rest of the things-to-think-about apply! If it’s you and your significant other, you can make it a sexy date – sexy games, rules about taking off clothes, etc. If it’s a night with friends or family, it makes the date a great opportunity for everyone to hang out, have fun, and for you and your partner to buddy up on the same team. If you make it a group game night and your guests are very competitive, you can go all out and do some sort of bracket, Olympics, elimination type game night. Any of those options work, but you need to decide which way you want to roll the dice!

What’s on the menu?

If it’s you and your boo: A game night with just your partner can be hot, and I would use the food to add to that kind of mood. What kind of foods help create a sexy environment? I wrote about foods that make you feel frisky in this post, so those could be some of the options you serve. Finger foods come to mind as well, so that you and your lover can feed them to each other. Having my partner put food in my mouth is HOT – chocolate covered strawberries is sexier than pigs in a blanket but hey, any finger food that can be fed to each other makes my list!

If it’s a group event: I love potlucks. If you’re having a group event, decide what you will provide and ask others to bring a small appetizer or dessert. If you’re known for a particular dish, let that be your contribution. Or if you want to supply the booze and everyone else contributes food, do that. I love game nights where there is a big table full of random goodies to sample. People are usually happy to bring something so help make the event easier for you on the preparation side. Decide what you will offer as the host, and have others add what they want to the menu!

What are we playing?

If it’s you and your boo: What games can be played with two people? My partner and I love playing cards together – War and Blackjack are our favorites. You can add strip rules to almost any game which makes the game playing sexy. There are a lot of sexy game choices you can buy and center your entire game night around sexy games. Or you can do it old school and pull out some real board games that only require two players. Just make sure you have the games ready in time, whether it’s a deck of cards, any of the sexy games you need to buy ahead of time, or real board games you need to buy or borrow from your parents’ house.

If it’s a group event: Having a group game night is fun because other people may have game options you don’t! Ask people to bring their favorite game, and when the night starts you can play everyone’s game or select a few from a larger pool. There are also games you can play via phone apps. Heads Up! is one of my favorite games to play with a group, so as long as one person has it downloaded on a charged phone, those kinds of games are an option as well! The other thing to consider for a group game night is the idea of teams. If you are newly dating a person, you might want to take every opportunity to be on the same team, be a two-some, etc. Maybe you play a game that’s couples vs couples. It depends on the games you play but think ahead in terms of how you want to make the most of that opportunity!

What’s the prize?

If it’s you and your boo: It can be fun to play for a prize with your lady or man friend. You can play for an actual material prize, or…there are lots of other ideas depending on where you are in your relationship! The prize can be sexual favors, paying for the next date, taking a specific chore for a month…get creative!

If it’s a group event: For a group game night, playing for a prize can make it extra competitive and fun, even if the prize is just a medal from your local dollar store (I’m the proud owner of one of those!). But there doesn’t have to be a prize. The prize I’ve walked away with from game nights is just a fun night, maybe a buzz, and good memories to look back on. But for the group you’re hosting, if you think playing for a prize will make the night even more of a good time, go for it! Buy it in advance, start your game night announcing what everyone is playing for, etc. Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Game on!

Once you have the guest list, food/drinks planned, games in possession and prize in mind, it’s game time! This date is supposed to be enjoyable and fun, so have as much of that as you can!

How Does this Date End?

If it’s you and your boo: Hopefully the way you set up the night, there will be teasers and pleasure all through the night and you don’t have to wait until the end! But if the ultimate prize is in the bedroom, then make sure you play to win throughout the night.

If it’s a group event: If you’ve planned a pleasant game night and a good time is had by all, it seems like hitting the sack with your boo for a little more ‘playing’ is inevitable!

Game Night Idea

Step-by-Step Guide for Planning a Game Night

Here’s your condensed guide for how to plan a game night date!

  1. Decide if it’s going to be a game night for just you and your partner, or a group game night.
  2. Plan the food and drinks. Know what you are contributing as the host and invite your guests to bring a dish of their choosing.
  3. Make sure you have all the things you’ll need! Actual board games, sexy games you need to order, a fully charged phone and downloaded apps. Nothing is worse than being excited for a game only to realize a piece is missing!
  4. Decide what you’re playing for – even if that means no prize at all!

A night of fun, laughs, some competition and good company – a game night is sure to earn you points with your partner!