Couples Date Guide: Picnic & a Hike

couple hiking and looking at the mountains
The couples date series is a guide to organizing a day or event to keep the passion alive between you and your partner. The date guide will walk you through how to setup the beginning and middle so you get the perfect ending.

There’s a scientific connection between nature and the effects it has on our mental and physical health. Forget science, we can feel that for ourselves when we step outside! Whether you like the mountains, the beach or the city streets, simply being outside and breathing in fresh air can do wonders for our health and happiness.

So why not have a date in the open air and breathe that fresh air with a special someone?

Today’s date idea of a picnic and a hike combines physical activity, noms, and an opportunity to enjoy quiet QT with your boo. I love this date day for a few reasons:

  1. It’s a great way to get your exercise on! Like Elle Woods says in Legally Blonde, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!” Get outside and get happy.
  2. Packing a picnic is a yummy opportunity to pack all you and your date’s favorite things. When you’re able to describe a date as ‘delicious,’ you’re earning some good brownie points.
  3. Paths for hiking aren’t often over-crowded in the same area, so the hike plus a private spot to have your picnic creates a quiet, intimate ambience for quality time with your date.

How to Plan This Ahead

There are a few pieces to this puzzle to make sure the date goes successfully. Skipping any of the steps could result in a memorable date, but not in the good way. So, putting in the effort before the date will guarantee it’s memorable for all the right reasons. I love to say, preparing is caring!

Check local trails

Where should you hike? Hit Google to look up local parks, hiking trails and paths in your area. You will want to decide how far you want to drive to get there, how far you want to hike (roundtrip – don’t forget however far you walk out is the same distance you’ll have to walk back!), and the type of hike you want to go on. Do you want something super hilly and challenging? Or a more leisurely hike? Distance, duration and difficulty are the three Ds to consider while making your decision where to hike.

Check the weather forecast

When you plan a hike as your date, make sure you check ahead for the weather conditions. Of course, the weather can change, but you don’t want to plan it for a day that has a high chance of rain, or even on the hottest day of the season. You can wait for the weekend to do a nice big daytime hike, or even do a short evening hike during the week – both options increase your chance of finding a date with good weather for walk.

Plan the menu

My favorite part – the food! Packing for a picnic is special because it’s not something you usually do or pack for. There are a few things to think about when planning your picnic menu. First, consider how far you’re hiking. You’ve selected a trail at this point, so how long will you be walking? You will have to carry all your picnic necessities that far, and for whatever amount of time that takes. So consider the weight of the food, drinks, blanket, etc. Along the same lines, think about how long the food will be without refrigeration. Will whatever food you choose last unchilled that long? Bonus, do you have some sort of cooling bag you can transport the food in so that’s less of a concern? No worries if not! Just keep that in mind.

You will have just spent a good amount of energy huffing and puffing while hiking, so think about what will satisfy your bellies at the picnic! Along with maybe a light wine, definitely pack water to rehydrate. Some form of protein, fruit, maybe some carbs – whatever you like! Make the picnic a combo of both of your favorite things. Having a little smorgasbord of a variety of good snacks is the perfect way to sit and enjoy the view from wherever your hike ends. Don’t forget to pack the appropriate plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, and a bag for any trash you make!

Pack/dress appropriately

Beyond packing the picnic, you also want to consider other things you may need on your hike. Depending on the weather and season, packing a jacket, umbrella, extra socks or change of clothes might be appropriate. It’s good to have your cell phone fully charged, a map if you need it and potentially a flashlight. Bug spray, bandaids, and extra water can all come in handy as well.


Once you’ve done the steps above and the hiking date is around the corner, it’s time to get to the grocery store to buy all the goodies for your picnic and pack things up!

Couples Date Guide: Picnic Food

Take a hike!

Your picnic is planned. Groceries are bought. Bag is packed with all the picnic and hiking essentials. Now it’s time to pick up your date, drive to your destination, and have a blast! Hold hands as you hike. Appreciate the scenery and the views. Talk to each other. Ask questions. Enjoy each other’s company. Set out the picnic blanket and take your time eating the treats you packed. Sip slowly on your water or wine. Whether it’s your third date or 300th date, a picnic and a hike is a perfect time to get to know your partner more.  Don’t forget the PDA – steal kisses, butt squeezes, and anything else your little heart desires.

How Does This Date End?

In the area of bedroom pleasures, I see this date going one of two ways. If by chance you’re into hooking up in public places and/or nature, the forest and your picnic spot are perfect places to get your make out on! If that’s not your scene, reenergizing after the hike with a good healthy picnic could leave you both feeling happy with those released endorphins and ready for some indoor exercises behind closed doors when you get home, if you know what I mean. Maybe save the dessert portion of the picnic for the bedroom – wink wink!

Step-by-Step Guide for Planning a Picnic and a Hike

Here’s your condensed guide for how to plan a picnic and a hike date!

  1. Choose a hiking trail. Consider the three Ds: distance, duration and difficulty!
  2. Check the weather forecast. Try to pick a day or evening with no rain or extreme temperatures.
  3. Plan the menu. Think about how much you have to carry, for how long, and without refrigeration.
  4. Pack/dress appropriately. Extra clothes, rain gear, and some safety pieces will help the hike be successful if plans go awry.
  5. Buy/pack. Get all your goodies and pack them up to prepare.
  6. Get on the road, get on foot, and enjoy an al fresco meal!

A little exercise, a little food, and a lot of good QT make for a great date with you honey. Enjoy your picnic and a hike!