Couples Date Guide: The Beach [Pool] Day

Couples Dating Guide Beach Day
The couples date series is a guide to organizing a day or event to keep the passion alive between you and your partner. The date guide will walk you through how to setup the beginning and middle so you get the perfect ending.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is simply take a break. Stop thinking about everything else going on around us and just focus on ourself and our partner, even if it’s only for five minutes. That’s why this date idea is about exactly that. It’s purpose is to get you away from all the possible distractions and put you in a relaxed atmosphere that you can enjoy with your significant other. As a married couple ourselves at CTS, I can say with certainty that we encounter periods in our relationship where the focus is on everything else but us. The crazy part is in the moment we can both tell it’s happening and it’s easy to understand how couples can let these times go on for days, weeks, or even years. 

Today’s date idea of spending a day at the beach (or pool) with your special someone is hardly original but it can damn sure be invigorating if you think ahead and take some purposeful actions. This one is tried and true because we just did it ourselves and had a pretty awesome time. A day at the beach, or pool, works well for a bunch of reasons but I like it for 3 reasons in particular.

1 – It’s an opportunity to unplug and get lost in thought.

2 – It’s opportunity to have the conversations you don’t always get to have with your partner. Something you’ve put off, ideas you have bouncing around in your head, etc.

3 – Saving the best for last…bathing suits usually don’t cover a lot and are about a millimeter thin… you get the point, but I’ll say it anyway, you’re as close to naked as you may get in public and thats a damn good thing.

How To Plan This Ahead

While the point here is to disconnect with the rest of the world and reconnect with your lover, a little foresight will get the results you want…. which for me ends with a “release” for the both of us. So it helps to go in with a loose plan and a few ideas on how to make the day progress in a positive way.

One thing I like to consider is the lubrication for the event. Not that lube, I’m talking the drinks. Is it beer? Is it hard liquor or a fine cocktail of sorts? For this occasion it’s easy, you go for a beer on the lighter side. The point is to loosen things up a bit and make it last all day. So that’s why I recommend loading up on Corona for this occasion. Or Bud Light Lime if that suits your fancy but remember, this isn’t a quick turn around affair, so skip the IPA’s or other fancy stuff because we want “loose”, not “sloppy”.

Corona date drink idea

Choose your spot wisely as well. If you’re going to a beach, opt for the side of the beach that is less crowded. If your headed to a busy pool, try to find a spot just out of earshot of your closest neighbor. Reason for this is you want the attention on you and your partner, not on what’s going on around you. (yes, people watching is natural but we are trying to avoid it here)

You should also plan for “Bonus” time. If the day goes according to plan and you’re getting lucky, why not have a toy on the ready. You certainly don’t have to if it’s not your thing, but think about how you feel after a day at the beach. You are going to want something quick and easy that doesn’t distract from the moment at hand. Our personal favorite is the We-Vibe Pivot Cock Ring. It cuts out a lot of fiddling and gets us both what we want in the end.   

The Real Magic Is In The Conversation

Let’s be real here for a second, no matter how much planning ahead you do, no matter what drinks, or toys/no toys you go with, if you and your partner can’t connect through conversation on your date then it’s probably not going to end well. What’s nice about spending a day at the beach is that there isn’t the pressure to talk your partners head off either, so you don’t need hours of material to talk about. What is super important here is your attitude. Be happy during conversation and make your partner feel engaged in the conversation. Be thoughtful, but don’t go heavy on the topics. Talk about the latest paint colors you want or something going on at work that you need help with. Don’t talk about super heavy topics that can change a persons mood. Those conversations almost always go awry.

The real magic happens in spurts in the conversation during the day. Don’t hesitate to mix in the sex talk to let your partner know where your head is at. This can set the tone for the whole day and plant the seed in their head for later. It can be casual flirting or just outright say “Are you going to have sex with me today?” with a smirk. I like the outright question because how people interpret non-verbal signals can be completely different than you think. Plus, if you put it on front street what your intentions are, it will most likely drive your partner wild all day as well because now they know your intentions.  

Be careful here though. If you start the sex comments too early it could end the day early. But, if you keep them consistent and sparse throughout the day, it will keep your partner’s attention every time you open your mouth. The key: Erase the doubt and show definitive intention.

Whats The Close?

Great question. What is your perfect ending to a relaxing day at the beach? If your goal was just to unwind a little bit and then move on to something else then you should be golden. The reward is the time shared together and the feeling of love between you. But if at the end of the day, you are looking for a little “action”, then here’s how you should play it:

Predictably after time at the beach you are going to want to take showers and freshen up. So why not take a shower together? Or start the tease there. Start stripping in front of your partner very nonchalantly so that way you arouse their senses and when you get out they are ready to go. You have to do this close together though. You can’t wait until 30 minutes after your partner has showered to take yours because the point is to capitalize on the nakedness the situation has presented and the freshness you both feel going into the “act”.  

If You’re Feeling Frisky

Maybe you have had an amazing day at the beach and are on cloud nine. Now you don’t just want to have sex, you want to go all out and get super frisky with your mate. If you add a toy this would be the time to go with your tried and true. The ones that are effortless to get in the mix and provide maximum satisfaction for you both. Here are a couple recommendations we have found through our own testing

We-Vibe Pivot Cock Ring

Eva II

Jimmyjane Ascend 7

Step-by-Step Guide for Planning The Beach [Pool] Day

Don’t want to read this entire article? Me either… so here is the quick step-by-step guide to plan your next beach or pool day for you and your mate.

  1. Block off the time and disconnect from everything else going on in your life for 3-4 hours.
  2. Load up on something you can drink all day just to lighten the mood, not get super drunk. That would defeat the purpose. Remember, “loose” not “sloppy”
  3. Pick a spot at the beach or pool where you have some space so you can talk without someone listening in on your conversations.
  4. Have meaningful conversation. Not super deep, but not crappy small talk. Use this time to really connect with your partner and listen.
  5. Drop the hints, but be direct in them. Tell your partner you want to f&^% or ask them if they are going to have sex with you. Plant the seed and move on.
  6. When the time is right get to it. After a day outside together the best time for intimacy is when you are getting cleaned up. Shower together or do it close together. Take advantage of being naked in the same room at the same time.
  7. If you please, spice it up with your favorite toy. Something easy that both of you will enjoy.

All it takes is 7 steps to have a wonderful day and deeper connection with your significant other.


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