Couples Review: Fin by Dame Products

Fin by dame products clitoral vibrator laid out on brown table

What is the Fin?

There are several clever adjectives to describe this device but we can’t break it down any more simple than how Dame does. The Fin is a versatile and small external vibrator that you wear between your fingers. The purpose is to add a new dimension to the sensation of touch as you get things warmed up with your partner. Fin is shaped to stay secure but also has a tether that wraps around your two fingers to keep it securely in place for when things really heat up. It really is a simple vibrator with 3 speeds and constructed out of super slippery silicone to allow for effortless massaging of your partner’s pleasure spots. Fin is a great toy for solo play, foreplay and external stimulation during sex.

Fin currently comes in 2 colors; Turquoise and a nice Navy Blue

How does it work?

Fin is extremely easy to use. I think that’s why we love it so much. It requires very little thought. It is easy to grab and use quickly during the heat of the moment. Simply slip Fin between your fingers, above or below, to add vibration to touch. Press the button on top to turn Fin on and then press again to move through the 3 speeds. It includes an optional tether that can be worn around your fingers to keep the Fin securely in place. You can position Fin at your fingertips or toward your palm depending on the mobility you desire. The vibration feels a bit different at each end of Fin, so you can really customize your experience. It includes 3 speeds, low to high, and is silky smooth. Fin really is the perfect finger vibrator for foreplay, sex, or solo use.

What are the noise levels like?

You shouldn’t have to worry about someone sneaking up on you wondering whats going on. You can hear a slight buzz but for the most part the Fin is a pretty quiet to no matter which power level you have it on. 

What’s Included & First Impression?

Fin comes in a small, compact, box. It is packaged nicely inside and includes all of the materials you need to use him right away. At first glance, Fin was smaller than we initially thought he would be. But the size makes perfect sense when you slip him between your fingers. He fits snuggly in place and the slight curves make him easy to hold. The material is so soft, Fin almost feels wet. The silky smooth body safe silicone is of the highest quality. Fin includes an optional tether. The tether can be used to help keep Fin exactly where you want. If you are a little more experienced with Fin, the tether isn’t really needed, but it is a nice option to have.  Overall, the quality and packaging are top notch and it is evident that a lot of time and thought went into the production of this toy.

The box included:

  • USB Charging Cable
  • Satin Storage Bag
  • Instruction Manual
Her Thoughts On The Sex Toy Review

Her Thoughts

Fin. Oh, Fin. Is there really anything better than Fin. I love this toy. And let me tell you, there are many toys I enjoy…but the Fin, well, I LOVE Fin.

The first time my husband and I used Fin was at the dining room table. I remember it quite well. We were sitting at the table doing some work. Lucky for us, most nights, our work revolves around sex toys. We had just received Fin and we were going through the box and exploring the toy. Jon thought we should give him a try and I didn’t hesitate. Yes, please. He pulled me up on to the table and went to town using the Fin to caress my entire body. On the lowest setting, the vibration made my body tingle in all the right places. And, when Fin hits the spot, it’s pretty mind blowing. So my first encounter with fin was sort of like love at first sight…or use…you get the point.

The second time we used Fin was last night while we were in the shower, Jon casually pulled the Fin out from behind the shampoo bottle. Apparently, he had snuck it in earlier to surprise me. This man is always being sneaky and I love it. He figured we should try it while we were nice and wet. Standing behind me, I was wrapped in his arms, while he moved Fin all over my body. When he reached my clit, he used Fin to pleasure me until I orgasmed…which didn’t take long. The second go around I asked him to turn up the intensity. Go big or go home, right? The lowest setting was good, but mixed with the water from the shower head, I felt like I needed a little more. Once he turned up the intensity, it was pretty mind blowing. I honestly can’t even remember much of the rest. I’m pretty sure I ended up straddling him on the floor of the shower while I was going to town and he was pleasuring my clit…but I was in a hazy state of erotic bliss. So, needless to say, I love Fin. It is, in my opinion, one of the best toys for a woman. I have a feeling this little gem is going to be a staple toy in our house.

His Thoughts On The Sex Toy Review

His Thoughts

I’ll admit, this toy was not my idea. I was only moderately interested in it at first because I thought it was one of those “I just want more foreplay” type toys but I digress. When the UPS driver delivered it we opened it right up and I was a bit more surprised by it once it was actually in my hand. What I appreciate most is that it’s super easy to put in place and use quickly, but the proof of that would be when it came time to put into action.

So, the first time we used Fin it was because we were sitting around the dining room table working and I told Jane, “We have all these toys we bought….think it’s about time to get a review done?” with her full well knowing that, that was my cue for “we are having sex right now”. So I had her sit up on the edge of the table, slide the Fin between my fingers sans tether, and slid it up and down her inner thighs to her nipples and back down. It didn’t seem to take long because she got wet pretty fast. I tried all three vibration modes and the highest one seemed to do the trick. At that point I dropped Fin off to the side and we went at it pretty good for a few minutes. Who doesn’t love sex on the dining room table every once in a while?? Rhetorical question, everyone loves dining room table sex.

That was great but holy sh&$ the real magic came on the 2nd try with Fin. This time, we both had really long days at work so I snuck into the shower early and hid the Fin behind a shampoo bottle. Later on when we were finishing up in the shower (yes, we shower together and have for the last 17 years) I spun her around kissing on her neck and running the Fin up and down her lower stomach until I could tell she was getting worked up and then I dove in. I slide fin right down to her clit and she proceeded to get off twice in a matter of a couple minutes. For me, That was awesome. Her butt pressed in to my dick and her body shaking between each orgasm…. I loved it. However, the best was yet to come.

We frequently have shower sex and to change it up a bit I sit at the back of the tub and she gets on top. Well I have always wanted to be able to play with her clit while she was riding me in an effort to make the orgasm even more explosive for her.  The Fin is the first vibrator that not only allowed me to do that, but to do it completely effortlessly. I just held the Fin upside down between my fingers, clicked up to top speed with my thumb and held it on her clit while she rode me. It didn’t take long for her to get off again and I’m pretty sure this was the best one as we both came at the same time. It was awesome. Sign me up everyday to use this thing because its incredibly easy to get in the mix and get rid of when things get heavier.

To close out my book here, the Fin is awesome. It’s a high quality toy and is absolutely one that we will keep in the nightstand or close to the shower so we can pull it out in a moments notice. This is definitely the best external vibrator for couples that we have come across to this point.

To Lube or Not To Lube, That Is The Question.

As we mentioned Fin is made of a high quality silicone that is incredibly soft to the touch. It has a tendency to make things pretty wet on it’s own, pretty quickly and his ability to get in-and-out of the game quickly without fumbling with other stuff is part of what makes Fin so special. However, we have received feedback that adding a small drop of lube to help Fin slide easier has also helped enhance the sensations your partner feels. So if you want to add it, the choice is yours. We recommend a good water-based lube in the all natural Sliquid Sea or if you’re looking to get real naughty you can add some flavor with on of our Wicked Brand lubricants. 

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  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Long lasting charge
  • Super smooth silicone construction
  • Optional tether


  • Not completely waterproof, just splashproof

Final Thoughts

Amazing. Blown away by the possibilities this toy actually offered, well above what we were expecting. This is the perfect toy for foreplay and as an addition to different sex positions. Also, the fact that Fin is so easy to pick up and use in the moment, then toss to the side when things get hot-n-heavy, makes it an absolute go-to type of toy.

This is one of the best sex toys for couples. It is a perfect staple in your toy collection. If you want to give it a try, take 10% off on us. Use the code GETFIN at checkout.

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Get Friendly with Fin

Fin is incredibly easy to use in the moment. Get the love started with Fin without even thinking about it and once the moment is right, toss it to the side. Fin gets in and out of the action with the quickness to keep you in control. 

While Fin is a simple device, you choose how you want to play. With or without the Tether. The pointy side or the broad side for different sensations. At your finger tips or at the base. On top or on bottom. Get the mobility and the feel you want by letting Fin do the work.

For most people with vulvas, clitoral stimulation + intimacy is key to pleasure. Fin feels like a part of your hand, so it’s easy to use before, during or after sex.

Fin by Dame Products review instructions video


What do industry folks say about the founders of Dame Products?

According to industry insiders, the general consensus on the founders of Dame Products is incredibly positive. Many people who have had the opportunity to meet them describe them as lovely and nice individuals. However, it is their unconventional ideals and morals that truly make them stand out in the industry. The founders of Dame Products seem to have a unique perspective that is not commonly seen within the field. Their commitment to values that may be considered different from the norm has caught the attention of industry professionals, who believe that they are bringing a refreshing approach to their work.

Is the Dame Fin more powerful than the Eva?

The potency of a vibrator is highly personal, and it’s clear that the Dame Fin outperforms the Eva in terms of power. Despite encountering less impressive devices in the past, the Dame Fin might just hit the right notes for many. Surprisingly, it did for me—resulting in an unexpected climax that left me astonished. This device, much like the Vesper, finds its strength in subtle ways. The combination of my own manual efforts and the Fin’s precise stimulation led to an unforeseen pleasure. While achieving satisfaction, the experience wasn’t entirely seamless; the usage was somewhat cumbersome, primarily due to difficulties in maneuvering it comfortably.

Who did Dame Products test the Fin with?

Dame Products conducted thorough testing of the Fin with a diverse group of women and couples, spanning various ages and backgrounds. Their focus was to ensure that the product added real value to the sex lives of these individuals. Only after this rigorous testing process did Dame Products decide to bring the Fin to the market.

What is the background of Dame Products?

Dame Products is a company founded by Janet Lieberman, a product designer and mechanical engineering graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Lieberman, who resides in Brooklyn, New York, has always had a keen eye for identifying flaws in everyday tech devices, especially vibrators. Frustrated by the poor quality and short lifespan of the cheap vibrators she had been purchasing, Lieberman decided to invest in a more expensive model for her boyfriend’s birthday. However, even this high-end vibrator quickly ceased to function properly.

It was in that moment that Lieberman had an epiphany. She realized that there was a clear market need for well-engineered sex toys. Recognizing the lack of trusted brands in the industry, she saw an opportunity to fill this void. Motivated by her extensive background in product design and engineering, she set out to establish a company that would provide reliable, innovative, and high-quality sex toys.

With her vision in mind, Lieberman co-founded Dame Products with the aim of creating a trusted brand in the realm of sex toys. By leveraging her expertise in mechanical engineering and her understanding of consumer needs, she sought to develop products that not only met the desires and expectations of users but also addressed the recurring issues often encountered with existing vibrators.

In summary, Dame Products was born out of Janet Lieberman’s frustration with the subpar quality of available vibrators and her realization that there was a distinct market demand for well-engineered sex toys. By combining her product design proficiency and mechanical engineering background, she founded Dame Products with the mission of becoming a trusted brand in the industry and providing reliable and innovative sexual wellness products.