The Perfect Day Date At The Beach

Couples Date Idea-Beach Date

When you are in a relationship, going on dates is pretty much the bees knees. Is there really anything better than some quality, one on one, time together? Dates can be as simple as a night in with a glass of wine and a movie, a weekend getaway to your favorite staycation destination, a trip to the local bowling alley, enjoying a hike on a sunny afternoon. The possibilities are endless.

One of our favorite ways to spend time together is by going on a “day date”. Going out doesn’t always have to happen during the evening. There is something refreshing and almost child-like about doing something fun and adventurous with your lover during the day. Spending the day together can also build the anticipation and excitement of continuing the date into the evening.

My husband and I love being outside. We thoroughly enjoy soaking up the sunshine and breathing in the fresh air. We recently decided to escape for an afternoon and spend the day at the beach. Our Couples Date Guide for planning a beach or pool day was our inspiration! We packed up the car with a cooler, beach chairs, towels, snacks, plenty of sunscreen and we were off.

We are pretty lucky to have Clearwater Beach within a short drive from our house. It definitely lives up to its title of “Best Beach in America”. The shore line is huge and typically crowded near the major hotels. We drove down about a mile north of the main area, parked the car, and found a nice somewhat-secluded spot near the water. We set up our chairs and towels, rubbed sunscreen on each other, poured a drink and relaxed. There is truly nothing better than listening to the waves crash on the shoreline and feeling the salty breeze on your face.

Day Date 1

We chatted away. Caught up on life. Talked about our kids. Rattled off our dreams. We were present. This quality time is so important, not only for ourselves, but for our marriage. It brings us closer together and restores the spark that can sometimes be overshadowed during a stressful work week.

After soaking up the sun and playing in the water, we decided to grab lunch at a local beach bar. We sipped on some tasty Rum Runners, enjoyed classic Grouper sandwiches, and soaked in the view. We spent the rest of the day exchanging sweet kisses and playfully caressing each other as we lay side by side on our beach towel.

Day Date 2

To cap off the perfect day, we took a long walk on the beach and watched the beautiful sunset. There. Is. Nothing. Better. To experience so much beauty with the one you love is indescribable. We knew our date wasn’t over and all of those kisses and touches had created a yearning like no other…we couldn’t wait to get home.

By the time we walked through the door, we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. Passionate kisses, body tingling caresses, and bathing suits strewn across the house.

The after-beach party doesn’t get much better than a steamy shower, naked bodies, and possibly a toy thrown in the mix…We grabbed one of our suction cup dildos. This one is perfect for the shower since it is completely waterproof. Plus, I know how much my man loves when I glide on the dildo and give him a blow job at the same time. It’s a win-win for everyone.

This day date was perfect and just what we needed to reconnect after a hectic few weeks. It was simple, easy to plan, and the perfect way to spend time with my husband.

What’s your favorite way to spend an afternoon together?

The Perfect Day Date