10 Favorite Date Nights During Quarantine

Couple walking dog in neighboorhood

It’s been about 1 full month now that we have been social distancing. Our city issued a Safer At Home order about 2 weeks ago. And then the state of Florida finally issued the executive order to stay home for 30 days last Friday. I honestly can’t even remember when we started staying home, but I am pretty sure it was the weekend of March 14th. So, it’s been a while. 😉

We are only going out for essentials, which basically consists of lots of groceries and a few trips to the liquor store. Our beer fridge is fully stocked in case of an emergency. haha.

All jokes aside. Jon and I have talked about this entire situation a lot recently and both agree that we are really enjoying being at home – aka – quarantining. Now, I know that our situation may not be the same as yours. I do not want to diminish the extremely difficult times many families are going through right now. We are so fortunate to both be working from home and it is not something we take for granted. However, for us, this last month has been so eye opening for our relationship and our family. 

Typically, our schedules are jam packed. Our weekends are booked out well over a month in advance and our calendar is always completely full. Pre-quarantine we were always on this “go go go” mentality. How many things can we fit into one day? What else can we/should we be accomplishing? We had very little time to do the things we actually wanted to do. And very little time to just chill out. Anyone else in this same boat? 

This situation has forced us both to SLOW down and it has been exactly what our family needed. We have more time to spend together doing the simplest of things – going for walks, tending to our garden, spending a little extra time to cook a nice breakfast in the morning, playing outside in our yard, fixing things up around the house, reading, learning new skills we had been putting off, making sweet memories with our children, the list goes on and on. Instead of feeling anxious of the never ending to do list that used to haunt me, I now wake up feeling so calm and at peace. A feeling that doesn’t align with what is going on in the world. It’s so odd. A world pandemic going on around us and we feel so happy. Sometimes I feel guilty for feeling this way. But it has been so refreshing. And I am so grateful for our health, the comfort of our home, and that we are safe.

And when it is time for things to get back to normal – I am going to make it a point to keep our new normal of – living a slow life – a big priority. 

Now back to my original point for this article… 😉

While the days can all seem to blend into each other during this time, it is so important to be intentional about keeping your relationship a priority. Here are my 10 favorite things Jon and I have done over the last month in lieu of the traditional date night out. 

Game Night – We love a good game and have been rotating through several. From poker, to board games, Yahtzee, Secret VII…we always have lots of fun playing together.  

Puzzles – Anyone else enjoy a good puzzle? During this quarantine we seem to always have one strewn across our dining room table. We usually go for the 1,000 piece puzzles so they take a few days/weeks to complete. We love to pour a glass of wine and puzzle for an hour in the evening. 

Happy Hour – This usually happens more on the weekends, but we love to sit out on our patio and enjoy an adult beverage while chatting about life. 

Walking – Now that we have some extra time in the evenings, we have been taking long walks after dinner. We love exploring new routes around the neighborhood or venturing down some of the trails near our house. It is something we can enjoy as a family and it is the perfect way to wind down at the end of a long day.

Bubble Baths – This is one of my personal favorites. I love drawing a nice, warm, bubble bath. The Limoncello scent is to die for. Jon will light some candles and pour us a glass of wine. And it is just heavenly. And so romantic. 

couple taking a bath

Working Out – We have been stepping out of our comfort zone and trying some different workouts. We typically stick with the same workout routine so this has been very refreshing and fun. We take turns finding a new workout we can do together. If it is nice outside, we do the workout in our driveway to get some fresh air and let the kids play at the same time. 

Cooking – We now have more time to cook meals and we’ve been experimenting with different recipes. Anyone else out there seem to have the same go-to dinners during the week. We definitely did. But now that we have some extra time we are making cooking a fun family activity and trying some new recipes. 

Fire Pit – We have really been enjoying the cooler evenings outside and have used our fire pit a ton during this time. It is so nice to sit and relax around the fire. Making S’mores is totally a bonus too!

couple around a fire

Dancing in the Kitchen – Sounds totally cliche, huh? But it’s my favorite. Tell Alexa to play some Michael Bublé, grab your partner, and enjoy a little slow dance in the kitchen. Swoon. 

couple dancing in the kitchen

Netflix & Chill – There has never been a better time to catch up on that show everyone’s been talking about or maybe watch a movie you’ve been dying to see. We’ve finally had the time to snuggle up in a blanket and enjoy a series together. Some of our recent favs: Tiger King, Locke & Key, & Ozark. What are you watching? 

I hope this list gives you some easy, at home, date ideas. We would love to hear from you and your partner. What you are doing during quarantine? How do you continue to date your partner at home

Thanks for stopping by! Hoping you all are safe and healthy.