Couples Date Guide: Cooking at Home Together

Couples Date Guide Cooking at Home Together
The couples date series is a guide to organizing a day or event to keep the passion alive between you and your partner. The date guide will walk you through how to setup the beginning and middle so you get the perfect ending.

A lot of time when we think about dates, we think about going out, spending money, and doing or going to new places. But one of the best kind of dates? The kind where you stay right where you are! And doing a little something nice for, and with, your boo.

Today’s date idea of cooking at home together is a sweet, romantic gesture that combines the comforts of home with the opportunity for a lot of thoughtfulness. I love dates that consist of cooking at home together for three main reasons:

  1. You can recreate a special meal, or memories you previously made together. A little nostalgia is great way to feel connected to your partner!
  2. You’re already home, so you can do all the PDA you want (minus the ‘public’ part)!
  3. You can add so many thoughtful touches to this kind of date that it can really separate any other transactional type dates and make this one very special, even though you’re staying in.

How to Plan This Ahead

There is a lot of potential with this kind of date to make it special, unique and whatever you want it to be. Preparing for it can be broken down into three different parts!


For this date, it’s important to put a lot of thought into the menu! Do you want to cook your partner’s favorite meal? Do you want to replicate a dish you had together out somewhere that was special? Do you want to try something new and exciting? You will definitely need to do a little online research to prepare, finding the best recipes that work within the confines of your kitchen (as well as your abilities). Think appetizer, entrée and dessert – nothing shows you care like going all out on a date!

As you plan the meal, think about what roles you want to play/your partner to play. Are you going to cook together? Or do you want to cook for your love, while they relax? Or maybe it’s a combination. Decide in advance, so when it comes to the actual date you can take control and look confident in what you’re trying to do for your partner!


What would you like to serve to accompany this meal you’ve planned out? Wine, beer, or cocktails? If you’re staying away from alcohol, is there a nice virgin-drink you can make that will be fun to sip on during this special date? Whatever you choose, put thought into it. If you usually buy $10 bottles of wine, maybe get some recommendations from your local liquor store and buy a bottle you normally wouldn’t. If you guys like to cheers with beers, get something you know your partner likes. If you know your partner has a favorite drink, find a recipe that makes it easy for you to make at home.


The devil is in the details! Here are some things to consider.

  • Where are you going to eat?

o   The kitchen table, dining room table, out on the porch? Are you going to sit on a bed of blankets and pillows on the living room floor? Decide what kind of mood you’re going for and choose the best spot that matches that vibe!

  • What are you going to eat on?

o   This may seem unnecessary but consider using ‘the nice plates’ or fancy wine glasses to show it’s not just another weeknight meal. Or make it fun and flirty by going all out with paper plates, cutlery and plastic cups! Anything that makes it different from what you do every other night you eat in.

  • What kind of mood do you want to set?

o   Should you dim the lighting, get out candles, sit outside? Do you want to have music in the background? Choose something you both like but allows for intimate conversation and is not a distraction.

  • Consider giving something sweet to your partner as your date begins.

o   Here’s an opportunity to give your lady friend flowers, or maybe nice new koozie to hold your babe’s beer.  It doesn’t really matter what you give, as long as it’s something thoughtful and adds to the romance of the date!


Now that you’ve thought out the details, grocery shopped and set everything up in the kitchen, it’s date time! Put into action all the things you’ve planned. Give a sweet gift. Assign roles as you cook. Enjoy the smells, the sounds, and the intimate moment you’ve created for yourselves with this date. Try not to be stressed! Use that adult beverage to calm down, focus on the food and then when you sit to eat, on the person sitting next to/across from you. Use this time to connect, talk, and focus on each other. Enjoy the moment! Don’t forget the PDA – steal kisses, butt squeezes, and anything else your little heart desires.

Couples Date Guide Cooking at Home together 2

How Does This Date End?

If your thoughtfully planned meal, drinks and mood setters aren’t enough for you guys…there’s more romance to be had! After a nice meal with thoughtful touches, our general state of thankful-in-love increases. If you’re not too full, make your way to the bedroom. Make homemade chocolate covered strawberries in advance and bring them into the bedroom as you wind down and love on each other!

In an effort to make this date different from other weeknight stay-at-home meals, maybe use a new or different toy for your sexy time activities. Maybe you can each use something to make fooling around more fun. Play a game together maybe to change things up! Use the end of this romantic date night to Get. It. On. Is there any better combination than food + your favorite person + sex? Not in my book!

Step-by-Step Guide for Planning a Cooking at Home Together Date

Here’s your condensed guide for how to plan a date night cooking at home together!

  1. The most time-consuming part: PLAN!
  2. The menu: pick something tried and true or something new! Make sure you have the tools necessary to make the meal and it’s within your culinary abilities.
  3. The drinks: decide what goes best with the meal and what your partner enjoys. Try to make it a little more special than what you drink all the time.
  4. The mood enhancers: think about the ‘extra’ things what will make this night different from others you spend in. Gift as a gesture? Lighting? Candles? Pick a theme and go all in!
  5. Grocery shop for get everything you need.
  6. Organize things in the kitchen. Preparing is caring!
  7. Execute! Eat, drink, and enjoy this romantic night you’ve created. Get close, comfortable, and enjoy being together. PDA all day!
  8. Do dessert in the bedroom. Whether dessert is an actual dessert, or you plan to have each other for dessert. Wink wink!

Staying in can be fun, and so romantic, with a lot of thoughtful intention behind it! Have fun creating a wonderful meal, and memory, by cooking at home and connecting together.