Couples Date Guide: City & Sights

City & Sights Date Guide
The couples date series is a guide to organizing a day or event to keep the passion alive between you and your partner. The date guide will walk you through how to setup the beginning and middle so you get the perfect ending.

Dates are one of the most fun parts of being with a partner. Whether you’re newly dating or have been monogamous with a mate for quite some time, the time we spend putting focused energy on our date is critical to the relationship. Dates can be some of the most valuable time you spend together – outside of work, long to-do lists, family obligations, and general life stress. Dates are an opportunity to have QUALITY time with your cutie.

Today’s date idea of touring a city and seeing sights brings excitement, newness, and lots of opportunities for romantic handholding. I love dates that consist of seeing a city and its sights for three main reasons:

  1. It can be a new city you travel to, or the city you live in/near. Playing tourist for a day is fun and out of the normal routine! You get to immerse yourself in a new place and see new things.
  2. It’s an opportunity to do and see things you both have an interest in but don’t always get to do. Walk through a museum? Stay somewhere special? See a particular event? This kind of dates allows you to create a win-win!
  3. Every city is known for its own thing, whether it’s the tallest building, its food, or culture. Seeing a city with a date creates an opportunity to experience unique things about that city, thereby creating unique memories between the two of you that may never be replicated!

How to Plan This Ahead

Spontaneity is a very appreciated quality when it comes to dates, and you could very easily whisk your partner away to a nearby city, stroll around and have the best day ever. And you could also have the best day ever by using your noggin just a bit beforehand to prevent missing any of the opportunities you know you both would want to enjoy about this place you go! And of course, with a little extra attention to details you can make sure there are plenty of ‘thank you’ gifts at the end of your stay, wink wink.

Once you know your destination, whether its near or far, consider what are the must-dos. Think about the things you like, the thing your date likes, and what is special about where you’re going! Here are some things to consider:

  • SIGHTS: Is the city known for any special sights that would be great to see together? Whether it’s the giant bean in Chicago, fish market in Seattle or Statue of Liberty in Philadelphia, what places would be unique to see in that particular city?
  • EATS: What is the city known for? Is there are particular food your date is fond of that this city has a great place to get it? If your partner prefers a certain type of food, maybe plan to spend a few hours in that section of the city if the city has it. For example, the North End in Boston if you like the Italian culture, or Chinatown in New York City if you want to experience Asian culture during your trip.
  • EVENTS: What performances, festivals or events are happening in this city when you go? Are any of them of interest to your two-some? Most city/town/county websites have calendars of events where you can find out what’s happening, and when!
  • STAYING OVER: Is this an overnight stay, or a drive home situation? If you’re staying overnight, find a place within your budget that will be memorable. Maybe a room with a great view? A hotel with a hot tub you will take advantage of at night? An Airbnb in a great location? Choose what works for you guys and will be fun to look back on. If you’re driving home, make sure you plan to have enough caffeine and/or energy to get you back safe!

In addition to choosing what you do while you’re there, keep these other tips in mind:

  • CROWDS: As it relates to the sights, eats, and events you do, will there be crowds? Are you and your lover down for crowds, or prefer more intimate spaces? Think of this while you plan the ideas in the section above, so you enjoy what you do!
  • MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: How far is place A from place B, and place B from place C? Do you want to walk the entire city, or plan for some cabs or Uber rides? Will it be rush hour? Before you get caught in any stressful travels within the city, it’s good to think ahead and just know what you’re getting into! Reminds me of the time my boo and I got lost driving in a city in New Zealand with no GPS signal while we were late for our reservation…#goodtimes
  • ENERGY: At the end of the day, will you have energy to get home? Do you want to have energy for a little bedroom play, or want the date to be so full you both crash with exhaustion and gush about it the next day? If you’re expecting an all-night romping session but were out for 15 hours in a day, is that realistic? Tip: match your itinerary to your expectations! For both of you.

If you do want to take this opportunity for a little “sex in the city” time, be prepared! Take protection, and any accessories. Maybe add a little buzz in the bedroom with this toy, or prepare to give each other erotic massages with some of these tools. Whatever you’re into!

There’s Magic in the Moment

One of the best parts of seeing a city and its sights is just the time spent walking, looking, feeling. Appreciating a different environment of all the nouns – people, places, and things. Changing up where you are and what you experience on the regular changes your perspective. And THAT is magic! BONUS: doing it with someone you have feelings for makes it that much more special. Like I said, there is plenty of opportunity for romantic handholding, stealing little kisses, and taking all the selfies known to social media. If anything goes wrong, there’s also magic in the frustration, handling it, and having awkward moments you can look back on and laugh at. Dates in a city have so much unknown potential depending on how you plan, or don’t plan, your day! My partner and I had the luxury of doing long distance early in our relationship, which meant we frequently met in different places and explored cities together. We constantly talk about our trips, and both have the best memories from the smallest of moments during those trips. There is so much magic in being present, looking around and taking it all in!

Lovers riding bicycle together holding hands

How Does this Date End?

However you choose! A date in a city with new sights, eats and treats is a hell of a reward in and of itself. Memories made? Check! If you want to add some sexy time to your itinerary, here’s a way to play it. Whatever your last major to-do is for the day, use that opportunity to say what you’re thinking for the rest of the night. If your dinner is romantic, use that environment to get your partner in the mood for what’s to come later. If you’re having a blast at a fun event, mention the kind of fun you hope to have later. If you’re at the top of a building taking pictures of the city below, tell your boo how much you’ve loved making memories with them this day and want to keep it going all night. If you planned this date right, your babe will be excited to extend the amazing time back in the bedroom.

Step-by-Step Guide for Planning a City and Sights Date

Here’s your condensed guide for how to plan a city and sights date for you and your partner!

  1. Select your city. Near or far, decide where to go and how to get there.
  2. Research sights, food, events, and places to stay (if applicable). What’s unique about this city? Choose things to do you believe you’ll BOTH enjoy.
  3. Don’t set yourself up to fail. Think about things like traffic, crowds, what’s realistic in terms of energy and budget. Research those considerations with your selections from Step 2. And if necessary…
  4. Have some Plan Bs.  Maybe your original thought of where to eat doesn’t work with your budget or it’s too far from where you’ll be in the city. Pick something else, something else that could turn out great!
  5. BE PRESENT. Appreciate the moment of being somewhere new with someone you care about. Have fun, look around, and enjoy!
  6. If you have the energy, thank each other for a great date in between the sheets! Then reminisce on the date for days, weeks, and years to come.

Though there may be some time involved with planning this date, it boils down to six steps to creating

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