3 Reasons Why Rabbit Vibrators Are Amazing

1 pink and 1 blue rabbit sex toy vibrator on colorful background

The Only Bunny You’ll Ever Need: A Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators are one of the most well-known sex toys. And for good reason. They stimulate not one – but TWO – of the hottest erogenous zones on a woman’s body; the clitoris and the g-spot. I mean, who wouldn’t want double the pleasure? Sign me up!

Rabbits vibrators are everywhere and have really earned their spot in the sex toy world. They come equipped in virtually every color, size, shape and price range you could ever want. And you can find them almost anywhere! My local pharmacy sells rabbit vibrators…yep. (side note: I totally LOVE seeing sex toys placed like any other item on a shelf because self care is so important and requires no medication or prescription). 

So what makes rabbit vibrators so special?

First, you get double the pleasure! Rabbit vibrators stimulate both the clitoris and the g-spot at the same time. It is basically heaven. Since a majority of women have trouble reaching orgasm from the g-spot alone, the extra clitoral pleasure is perfect. I’ve actually talked to many women who loved the rabbit for this exact reason. It helped them achieve orgasm. So the rabbit vibrator is like getting the best two-for-one deal around!

Second, they are perfect for newbies and beginners! Because of their unassuming look, they are less scary and intimidating to those who haven’t used sex toys before. I mean, they look like cute little bunnies, what’s not to love? Rabbit vibrators are also super easy to use. Most come equipped with a few vibration levels and easy one touch controls. You can easily move the vibrator to reach the perfect spot internally. Or, if you aren’t into g-spot stimulation, simply flip the vibrator over and just use the bunny for clitoral pleasure. 

Third, the bunny ears actually serve a purpose. No two bodies are the same. The ears are designed to sit on either side of the clitoris. Sometimes direct stimulation can be a little too intense. This style of vibrator allows the user to position the ears for indirect stimulation which can actually be more pleasurable to some. 

So, as you can see…we are really big fans of the rabbit vibrator! They are one of our favorite types of sex toys! They can be enjoyed solo or with your partner for some couples play. If you have ever shopped for a rabbit vibrator before, you know that there are so many to choose from. How could you possibly know which one to pick? Here are a few of our favorites! The Vedo Ohhh Bunny Kinky Bunny is one of our best sellers, has a reasonable price point, and is great for beginners. 

Have you tried a rabbit vibrator? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 🙂

This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page Quick View
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page Quick View