Top 5 Gift Giving Ideas for the Holidays

woman covering mans eyes giving him a christmas gift
THE HOLIDAYS!! One of my favorite times of the year is finally here! The holidays have so many events involving family, friends, good times and traditions. And also, food…I mean, let’s be honest. I’m Italian, and that’s my favorite part! I usually love giving gifts to people – whether it’s my sisters, my secret Santa, or my significant other – but I must admit, around the holidays I get more stressed out about it. There’s a budget, and the pressure to deliver something great, plus it’s a lot of gifts at one time. That can really get to a person! But when I get stressed out about gift giving, I pause and remember this top five list I created a few years ago that grounds me when thinking about what to give someone as a present. Does it fit into one of these five categories? Which category do I think would fit this person right now for where they are, what their year has been like, etc.? If you find yourself in a gift-giving conundrum, I encourage you to follow these little pillars of ideas. Hopefully something will strike some inspiration and your present-recipient will be thanking you with lots of hugs and kisses (and if it’s your S.O., maybe even some bedroom thank-yous if you know what I mean)!


The older I get, the more I value these kinds of gifts. They’re what I ask my boo for anytime we celebrate an occasion! Sometimes the right gift means the gift of doing something together – spending quality time together, experiencing something a little bit out of the ordinary. That could mean something as simple as going to a really fancy restaurant you don’t ever frequent, to something as extravagant as a hot air balloon ride. Think about who you’re buying a gift for this holiday season. Who would appreciate the gift of experience?


Being a good partner/friend/sibling/child includes listening. If you’ve been listening to the person you are buying a present for, they’ve likely said a thing or two they’re interested in random conversations you’ve had. PRO TIP: I am super forgetful, so I keep a list in my phone of gift ideas for my partner! That way when we’re randomly out, if he shows interest in something or directly says he would like to have something, I write it down and by the time the holidays or his birthday roll around I’ve got a solid list of ideas I know he’d like. EXTRA PRO TIP: keep a list of gift ideas for yourself as well! How annoying is it to be asked what you want, only to not be able to think of any of the things you’ve said you’ve wanted over the year? Boom! Write that list. And then give the gift of something your present-person wants.


I. LOVE. THESE. GIFTS! Both giving and receiving. Some companies exist solely to sell products that are sentimental or can be personalized, thereby making something sentimental. There are too many ideas to list here, but the premise is this: what would mean something to the person you’re buying a present for? What could you give them that evokes an emotion that they will love and be grateful for having that particular gift? This kind of gift can require some creativity, but a sentimental gift is truly priceless – and when you give that gift to someone, they will say the same thing.


These gifts can be difficult, but when inspiration strikes – lookout! Creative gifts are just that – something unexpected, something out of the box, something really unique and different. Now, creative gifts can also be an experience, or a sentimental gift – for example, a hot air balloon ride is both an experience and creative. However, creative gifts can also be their own thing! When my best friend turned 30, I gave her a cute wire board that had a little metal bucket. The board came with 30 little sheets of paper, and the purpose was for her to write down a new bucket list and keep them on the board/in the bucket so she could visibly see them (and therefore want to make them happen). I saw this online and loved the idea – for my friend who was a new mom and experiencing a new part of life, I wanted to give her a gift that kept her connected to herself. Creativity! Sometimes it strikes you, and you nail the gift-giving.


I’m also a big fan of these kinds of gifts. Some people like or want certain things but will never buy them for themselves. It could be an experience like a massage or it could be a thing like a fancy coat they love but don’t need or something they think is ‘unnecessary’ for them to buy themselves. Put on your super hero present providing hat and come to their rescue! It’s lovely to receive a gift from someone that is something you would never have bought yourself. It shows thoughtfulness and since the recipient never thought they’d have it (since they wouldn’t buy it for themselves), it’s a big surprise and they are extremely grateful.   Whatever you give someone, I hope the gift is given with joy and received with gratitude. Cheers to a happy gift-giving season!   Gift Giving Ideas Social