Why the Womanizer Starlet is My Number 1

Womanizer Starlet sex toy review with pink colored vibrator

Everyone has that special little toy. The one safely tucked away in a bedside drawer. Always ready. Always there when needed. Always reliable. Always satisfying. Maybe its a vibrator, or a trusted dildo. Maybe it’s not even a toy, but rather a nice bottle of tantalizing lubricant. Whatever it is…it’s the one. The toy that holds the top spot out of all the toys you own.

For me, that toy is the Womanizer Starlet.

I wish there were enough words to truly describe my love affair with this amazing little toy. Believe me when I say, I’m sure I could rattle on for hours about it. It is that magical.

Jon and I are always trying out new toys. We have more than I can even count. And to be brutally honest, most are just okay. Many are good. But there are only a few that really hit the nail on the head every time. We’ve talked through our favorites many times and the same 5 or 6 products are always at the top of both of our lists. I’ll get into those in another article.

We purchased the Womanizer Starlet, totally MY choice, after reading so many great reviews. I am always privy to great clitoral massagers and which ones are getting a lot of attention on the market. There are so many to choose from and the selection process can be a little overwhelming, especially if you aren’t sure where to start.

For me, clitoral massagers tend to be the toy I gravitate toward. I will take a clitoral massager over a dildo any day. It’s just my toy of choice. It’s the ying to my yang. And, with the Womanizer, I was really intrigued by the Pleasure Air technology that they have created. So, alas, it ended up in my cart and arrived at our door a few days later.

When turning on the Womanizer for the first time, I was really surprised by the suction and the way the air sort of gently blows out of the device. It’s like nothing I’ve seen in a toy before. I’ve tried describing it to friends and it is really hard to find the right words to convey the feeling it gives off. It is so unique. The Starlet is also small and easy to handle. I love that I can hold and control it easily with one hand. It has a simple, one touch control, that moves through 4 intensity levels. I can go from super soft to super mind blowing with a simple click of a button.

In my personal opinion, the Starlet is best controlled by the user.  I like to use the Starlet with Jon as a couples toy – but I prefer to be in control.  I feel this way for a few reasons. 1. I don’t like the Starlet in one spot. I think it works best when it is moved around over the clitoris. The movement back and forth, around and around, is almost too much to handle. And unless you know exactly where THE spot is…it’s best to just be the one in control. 2. I would rather Jon watch and pleasure me in other areas. I actually love when he is kissing and massaging my body while I am in control of the Starlet. It’s pretty much total euphoria. 

Ladies, if you are reading, and I so hope you are. Trust me when I say – get yourself one of these. If you are single, you will thank me. If you are attached, you will also thank me. This toy is perfect if your man is out of town and you need a little self care. So, when my besties ask me what my favorite toy is (and they know who they are)…this is the one. And it will always be the one. 

I’ll leave you with….you’re welcome. 😉