Couples Date Guide: Solo Date with Yourself

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Every date guide we’ve written has been focused on a date between two people. When you think of the word ‘date,’ that’s many people’s natural assumption – a date between two people. But what about the solo folk out there? What about us people who are in relationships, but still like to have date nights or date days with just ourselves? I hear you, I see you, and this date guide is for you! I love solo date ideas A LOT – for these three reasons:
  1. Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you lose your individuality. Solo date days/nights allow you to branch out, do your own thing and retain that individuality!
  2. Solo date days/nights give you the opportunity to do something you wouldn’t normally do with your partner.
  3. They allow you to connect with yourself – give you space and time all on your own.

Solo Date Ideas

Your partner is gone for weekend and you have time all to yourself. How do you spend it? Besides any normal activities you would do in this scenario, let’s talk about some solo date ideas. I like to break the ideas into three different categories.

Treat yourself

Sometimes it’s good to indulge! What is something you don’t often do for yourself? o   Get something done for yourself! Nails, facial, a massage – treat yourself to a special treatment. o   Eat something amazing! Treat yourself to a nice meal, or a meal filled with just desserts, or drive further than you normally would to try a place you’ve been wanting to sample. Life’s too short! o   Feel fantastic! Buy the really fancy bath bombs and lotion and indulge in something majorly relaxing. Put on your jams or audio book or nothing at all – whatever will make you feel the best!

Educate yourself

Learning is SO important – no matter how old you are! o   Go somewhere! A museum, an art gallery – anything you have access to that you’re interested to learn about. You don’t have to be in a big city to have access to places to learn. It could even be a walking tour of the town you live or stopping to read all the placards at the zoo. Go somewhere to change your perspective and learn something! o   Read something! Go to your favorite bookstore. Dust off an old book. Power up your Kindle and go nuts. o   Listen! Download some podcasts. YouTube some speeches. Then sit, walk or exercise while you listen and learn from someone else!

Serve someone else

I can’t even tell you how much I love this one. A solo date can mean serving someone else as the focus! I used to do this every Saturday when I was in a previous relationship – my partner would go on a solo date with himself and I would go on one too. I served food at a recovery center for men experiencing homelessness and it was the BEST! I was serving others but ultimately, I received. o   Volunteer! Time is the most precious asset we have, and when we give it to others, we do more good than we know. Pick a place or a cause that means something to you, and spend your solo date doing good in the world! o   Mentor! There are so many programs out there looking for adults to volunteer time to mentor kids. Kids model what they see, and particularly for at-risk children it makes a huge difference when they have a mentor. It’s volunteering, but in a different way! Spend your solo date connecting not only with yourself but with a kid and make a difference. o   Give! You can always give money – organizations will always need that. But you can also combine the gift of your time with your talents. Good with computers? Teach a basic Microsoft class at the local library. Musically inclined? Play for an hour at a local nursing home. Use your solo time and gifts to add value to someone else’s life – that ultimately adds value to yours.

How to Plan this Ahead

Since your solo date is just for you, you can do as much or as little planning as you wish. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated!

Pick your solo date idea(s)

What category do you want to go with? Do you want to do more than one? Decide what will best serve you for your solo date time!

Schedule it

Pick the best date and time for yourself and treat it like you would any other important appointment. Don’t let other things take priority unless they absolutely have to – don’t put this off! You deserve a solo date to connect with yourself as much as anyone else deserves your time.

Nitty gritty details

The details will depend on what you choose to do for your solo date. What do you need to buy? Where do you need to go? How far in advance do you need to book something? Talk to an organization, check the hours of a place you’re going, make sure you’re fully charged up, bring your goods, etc. Do what you need to do to make your solo date happen!

How Does this Date End?

The answer to this question is my favorite one to date: HOWEVER YOU WANT IT TO END! This is YOUR solo date, so it can end however you please. That might mean giving yourself an O with one of our vibrating bullets or with a hot cup of tea and a warm bed. Your date, your time, your choice! And I support whatever way you go. Solo Date Idea

Step-by-Step Guide for Planning a Holiday Date

Here’s your condensed guide for how to plan a solo date!
  1. Pick your solo date idea – pull from one category or multiple categories.
  2. Schedule it! You are important, so mark it on the calendar and don’t put it off.
  3. Do all the things you need to do – whether that’s order something ahead of time, buy a ticket, etc.
  4. Go and enjoy your solo time!
I would LOVE to hear some of your favorite solo date ideas – ones you’ve done or ones you want to do! Single or in a relationship, taking yourself on dates is an important part of the most important relationship you will ever have – the one with yourself! Solo Date Idea Couples Date Guide