Top 5 Reasons to Make an Effort (in Bed)

naked man and women laying in bed wrapped in sheets
T-i-r-e-d. That little five-letter word that might not sound like a big deal but can wreak havoc on our sex lives when we feel it a little too often. Feeling tired is natural. We should feel tired every day, right before we go to sleep. Our bodies are designed to want (and need) rest on a daily basis! But when the feeling of being tired takes up too much of our day, it has the potential to make us want to withdraw from other activities. If we have kids and we’re tired, we might not play with them as much. If we work an office day job and we’re tired, we might not pay attention in meetings as much. If we have a partner and we’re tired, we might not engage in sexy time as much. And that is one of the biggest reported reasons couples don’t engage in intimate activities – one or more of the partners is too tired to play. It’s okay when it happens once in a while. No biggie! But when it becomes a trend, I think it’s good to focus on why it’s important to make a shift.


I’m not a doctor, and I’m not here to tell you the things you should look into medically if you’re constantly fatigued. If you think your feelings of exhaustion are beyond a normal range, please talk to your doctor. But from a non-medical lens, here are the top five reasons why you should put the tiredness to bed – and then get in a different bed, with your partner, and have some fun!
  1. Your partner will appreciate it

I was talking with my best friend the other day. She is a mother of two young boys, is a teacher and has an awesome husband. We were talking about this exact topic, and how she is often tired. Recently her husband got in the shower, and she followed him in a few minutes later – something she said she wouldn’t have done a year or two ago. But going in there with him and creating a space for intimacy made her husband feel loved and appreciated. And with his appreciation levels up, he felt good and she felt good. Win-win!
  1. You will (likely) be glad you did

Let’s address the elephant in the room – you might have an orgasm, and orgasms release endorphins. And like we learned from our good friend Elle in Legally Blonde, endorphins make people happy! If you choose to be intimate even when it might be easier to not be intimate, you will most likely get into it, be turned on, and enjoy it just as must as your partner. In the end, you will likely be glad you chose YES instead of no.
  1. It will change up your usual routine

We are creatures of habit. If being tired plagues you often and is a reason you don’t engage in sexual activity with your partner frequently, then your routine has probably become one of just that – tiredness with no sexy time. Sometimes by choosing to play, even once, it shakes up our entire routine. It allows us to shed some of the funk we might be in and start fresh! Choosing ‘woo!’ over ‘snooze’ can be just what we need to change up our exhaustion levels.
  1. It’s a fun way to increase your exercise

If you’re too tired to get tangled in the sheets, you might be too tired to be getting your daily exercise intake as well. So, why not get frisky as your way of getting it in – both exercise, and you-know-what-I-mean? Wink wink! Make an effort in bed: it does a body good!
  1. Read our earlier blog post about why sex is the best

I’m totally cheating here, but this post talks about eight physical, mental and emotional benefits of having sex. One of those eight reasons include the fact that sex helps you sleep better. And if we sleep better, isn’t there a chance that means that we won’t be as tired then? Boom! Let’s hit two birds with one scone – let’s reduce our tiredness by engaging in the thing we’re trying to avoid because we’re tired!   Feeling tired is no joke. Sleep is super important, especially for our sexual health, as you can read here. When feeling tired becomes a used-too-frequently-reason to not play with your partner, go back to these five reasons why you might want to give that reason a rest. And then have fun having fun with your boo!   top 5 reasons to make an effort in bed social