Play Those Valentine’s Day Gift-Giving Games

Valentine's Day Gift Giving Sex Toy Guide for Couples

The V-word

Valentine’s Day. The day good ol’ Cupid up-charges for roses, shoots his arrow to put a spotlight on “love,” and causes a stir with all sorts of opinions. Is this a Hallmark holiday? Why should we only celebrate love one day a year? Why NOT have one day to call attention to it? The opinions are endless.

I liked it best when I was a kid. I filled in a “To” and “From” line on the back of a little 3×2 piece of cardstock with a cool theme (or if I was lucky my mom splurged and got the REALLY cool, bigger ones), and at school I’d give one to all my friends. I’d get a bunch back, we’d do some crafts, eat some snacks. Simple. I felt loved. I felt a sugar high. The good life!

Regardless of your beliefs on the holiday, February 14 will happen once a year, every year. You can play, or opt out! Single or coupled up. Same options. Your choice. If you do want to opt in, here are some ways to play in the Valentine’s Day gift-giving games – that are sure to be received with l-o-v-e!

READ IF: You’ve got a boo

You’re fortunate enough to have a partner. You care about them very much. Whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day or 14th Valentine’s Day, here are some tried and true ideas to show your partner your fondness of them!

WRITE something sweet

o   The most simple act of love: buy your catch a card. Find one that says how you feel, or write your own message. Nothing says love like a little effort! And no one can show your love except you. If you’re anti-Valentine’s Day, buy the most absurd card possible! Buy a non-love themed card. Make a card that jokes about this being your umpteenth day of loving them and you don’t care that it’s February 14.

o   If you want to go a little bigger in the “write something sweet” category, you can hop on the coupon book train and either buy or make one that will be meaningful to your partner! Write the coupons for what will personally make your main squeeze give you a big squeeze. You can also create a photo book, which is an opportunity to take pictures from your relationship, a recent trip, or something else significant and put together a sweet memento for your partner. Write a little note at the beginning or end, and it will become a treasure they will remember!

DO something special

o   Like food? Go out to eat! Sure, lots of people will do that, but some restaurants run some good specials. Go to your favorite place. Or splurge and go somewhere your rarely go. Food is one of the keys to my heart so if you’re the same, eat, drink and be merry!

o   Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday this year. It might not be the best day of the week to do anything overly special. Pick a future date and plan a special activity for then! Whether it’s committing to getting a babysitter one night, or a day trip to a local attraction, make a point to DO something out of the ordinary soon!

TURN UP THE HEAT (in the bedroom)

o   Here’s the juicy part. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to switch things up! The ideas for changing the status quo are endless. Try a new position during sex! If you never perform oral, surprise your partner and go for it! Why not try a new sex toy to take things up a notch? Maybe carve out some time for foreplay and playing a sexy game! Even just writing these ideas gets me excited for the possibilities!

o   If you’re not down to play games or play with toys, maybe just put on something sexy. Out with the yoga pants (which I love!) and in with the sexy underpants. Or lingerie set. Or buy that for your partner to wear! I know it will be a Wednesday, but make it feel like a Saturday! Light a candle, set the mood, and show each other your physical love.


o   Whether or not you believe in the cheese-factor of the day, you can still celebrate your partner and your love for them. If you’re a V-day hater and your partner loves that ooey-gooey love, you can participate without sacrificing your principals. Do it your way!

If you haven’t read our post on The 5 Love Languages, you can check it out here. It might give you some insight into better, more personal ideas for your partner based on their love language! How can you show them you love them this Valentine’s Day? Whether it’s with your words, your time, your gift, your touch, or your service, matching it to their love language is sure to get you some extra points. Take that W and turn into a big O 😉

READ IF: You live that YOLO, solo life

You’re fortunate enough to do you all day, er’ry day. If couples are feeling the love on February 14th, there’s no reason you shouldn’t either! You can take the same ideas and apply them to loving  yourself (or other friends)!

WRITE something sweet

o   Practicing self-love is a key part of life for your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing! If you want to do that in writing fashion, take some time to journal the top 10 things you love about yourself. Or what you’re proud of yourself for accomplishing so far this year. If you haven’t thought about goals, maybe that’s how you love yourself on this day! Seeing things written has a profound impact on our ability to internalize and truly believe them. So write what will best serve you!

o   Maybe you throw it down old school – go to Target, buy some 3×2 card stock valentines, and send them to your friends and family. On the day of love, tell the people you love you love them! And what’s a better way than with Disney princess valentines and a heart-shaped lollipop?

DO something special

o   Like food? Go out to eat! Solo or with one of your compadres. Lots of restaurants recognize not only couples but also Gal-entine’s Day, so grab a pal and eat all the things! Order your favorite takeout. Get dessert. Pop a bottle. Whatever you do I advise the same: eat, drink and be merry!

o   Plan an activity with a friend for the near future! Or with a group of friends! Nothing shows friendship-love like spending time together.

TURN UP THE HEAT (in the bedroom)

o   You do NOT have to be in a relationship to turn up the heat. You can 100% treat yourself to some sexy time! You can still get some big Os on love day – get yourself a self-pleasure toy like one of these or these.


o   Whether or not you believe in the cheese-factor of the day, you can still celebrate YOU, all your peeps, and your love for them. Whether you’re a V-day hater or you love the ooey-gooey stuff, there are plenty of ways you can participate in the day of red, pink, and Cupid. Do it your way!

What day is it?

Like I mentioned before, Valentine’s Day IS on a Wednesday this year. Whatever you do, whatever gift you give, I hope it’s the best HUMP day of your 2018 to date! (wink wink)