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I’ve just been reunited with my lovah after being apart for a month because of work travel. Now that we’re both back, I’m finding every little thing to be extra sensual and feeling even more in love than I already know I am. Of course, it’s in part because of being apart for 32 days (but who’s counting?), but it got me thinking about different types of experiences couples share that can also be sensual. The list is endless and different for everybody! Which excites me for all the possibilities for you, and me!


I think sensual and sexual get mixed up sometimes, and if you ask most people what sensual means they ‘get it’ in their heads but have a hard time articulating what it means. So, let’s take the mystery out and allow Google to define it for us. According to Google, sensual means of or arousing gratification of the senses and physical, especially sexual, pleasure.

So, with that said, below are the five things I’ve noticed in the past 48 hours with my partner I am putting in the sensual experience category…and can’t wait to pay attention to more!


One of my favorite activities we do together most nights is cook. We usually put on a playlist of one of our two favorite artists, or a YouTube montage of a comedian. And we go to work! One of us usually takes on the primary role of cooking and the other helps while also usually being told “sit down and relax.” If I’m the primary cook, I love turning around to watch him having some peace to do whatever he wants. If he’s the primary cook, I love sitting at the table watching his handsome-self go to town on whatever it is we’re preparing. Both roles leave a big, lovey smile on my face. There are times we’re next to each other at the stove, times our butts are against each other while one chops and the other stirs. There are plenty of times we pause to kiss and say I love you. We talk. We jam. I usually dance. The whole experience 100% gratifies my senses…and leaves me turned on and excited for post-dinner activities.


After the cooking comes the eating, and after the eating comes the cleaning. Doing the dishes isn’t on most people’s list of favorite chores, but when doing it with my partner I find it oddly sensual. We stand next to each other, usually closely (#smallkitchenproblems). If he does the scrubbing, he hands them off to me to dry/put on the drying rack. Even amidst the clanging of dishes and the splashing of water, there’s a rhythm to it all that he and I create that makes me feel close to him. Our hands touch, our hips knock into each other, and it physically turns me on. The idea of having a partner willing to do these things with me takes my appreciation to the next level and primes me for the next ‘thing’ we do together…which is usually later on in the bedroom.

LET ME RUB THAT: Massaging

Ahh, I love our nightly routine. We watch some form of entertainment in the bedroom together, and since my primary love language is physical touch, there is always, ALWAYS rubbing. Back rub, head rub, foot rub, thigh rub, butt rub. Depends on the day. Sometimes we go all in with the full body rub, sometimes we stick to one area. There are nights we rub equally, there are other nights one of us does the rubbing while the other receives. But my goodness is rubbing one of the best sensual experiences together. I love sex, but the sensations that come from touch in both the erogenous/non-erogenous zones is so different and still so good. Talk about gratification of the senses and physical pleasure! I know my love would say the same…massaging is our favorite sensual experience.

LET ME ZZZzzz: Sleeping

I learned about the art of napping quite a few years ago from a guy I dated, and man am I grateful for that little life nugget. My current guy and I love to nap as well, and when we did it the other day I realized how sensual it can be. We laid down to watch something on TV, and he requested I come cuddle up on him. His arm was wrapped around my waist and arm, as my arm was strewn across his chest. He lightly rubbed and squeezed my arm and I stroked his chest, belly, and thigh. I was in an out of couple-minute bouts of sleep, which made it even better. I wasn’t fully awake so the experience of [partially] sleeping together was so easy, so authentic, so.damn.nice. It felt so good to lay there, half awake, yet feel so fully alive in terms of what the experience did to my heart and my lady parts. Who knew sleep could be so sexy?


During this nap while lying in my mister’s arm, I inhaled and noticed how delicious he smelled. It had been over a month since I last smelled him so of course it stood out to me. It made me realize how much I love his scent, how much I missed his scent, how I never want to forget his scent. Arousing my senses? Yes. Just by breathing him in. So. Sexy. No wonder there are lotions and oils like these out there to aid in the massaging area…those smells plus the sense of touch can put us over the edge!


We talk a lot about sex, but let’s not forget to talk about the things that get us excited before the sex even comes (pun intended)! It’s only been 48 hours back with my man and I can’t wait for more shared sensual experiences to come. Feel free to share the experiences you find sensual in the comments below! In the meantime, I wish you lots of experiences that arouse gratification of your senses and physical pleasure.