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Who loves sex? I do, I do! Why? Because it feels good, physically. It feels good, emotionally. It makes me feel close to my partner. It’s exercise. There’s a ton of variety so it’s not boring. My partner loves having sex with me. He tells me things that boost my confidence. You can do it any time of day. It’s fun. It’s hot. Big Os make me happy. Sex is the best. These are my completely unscientific personal opinions about why sex is good. But bonus! Not only is it just fun and insert-all-other-opinions-why-you-like-sex, it’s also good for our health! Thankfully there are a lot of really smart people out there who have the patience and aptitude for the scientific side of sex who have researched a long list of the ways sex is beneficial to our health.. I want to help spread the word to singles and couples alike, so we know how our sack sessions are helping us stay happy and healthy inside and out!


Research shows that there are a lot of physical benefits of sex:

Improves the immune system

Each season brings some sort of sickness with it. There’s the flu, summer colds, allergies, etc. Who is down for an easy, at-home fix to boost your immunity system during all the seasons? Sex can help! Got kids that go to school or daycare? Check! Another reason to do the dirty more frequently to prevent you from catching the bugs they bring home! Scientifically speaking, they say people who have sex a few times a week have more immunoglobulin A in their saliva, which is an antibody that helps fight infections and the common cold. Save your sick days and use them for vacation days! Or take a fake sick day and turn it into a sex day.

Improves sleep

Sweet, sweet sleep. The nectar of life that rejuvenates us to be able to conquer our following days! Sex can make me sleep better? SIGN ME UP! The science behind it is that a hormone called prolactin is released after an orgasm, and that hormone combined with oxytocin and other hormones released during sex makes us sleepy. They call it a ‘cocktail’ of hormones. I’ll drink to that – better sleep.

Increases lifespan

Say whaaaat?! I can live longer, which means I have more time to enjoy sex? Research on this particular effect isn’t overly abundant, but there are a lot of other factors researched more thoroughly that lead to an increased lifespan. Having sex improves heart health which means less heart disease. Especially for men. It can also lower blood pressure which helps with the scientific heart stuff. I’d like to change Spock’s infamous Vulcan salute from “live long and prosper” to “live long and have sex!

Reduces pain

Less aspirin, more ass spanking. Sex has been shown to reduce specific types of pain, especially headaches and migraines. Science smarties credit this to the release of endorphins during sex, which are said to be the body’s natural painkillers. It also helps with cramps, leg and back pain, and sometimes different forms of arthritis. Got a headache? Instead of that being a reason to avoid sex, let it be the reason to have sex!


If increased life expectancy and better sleep aren’t enough, check out these benefits of sex on the non-physical side:

Reduces stress

Raise your hand if you DO NOT experience stress. Exactly…I know you didn’t raise your hand! There are a variety of ways the science people say sex helps reduce stress, like the intimacy created during sex, increasing self-esteem, and lowering blood pressure. I don’t need a lot of evidence to be convinced of any stress-reducing tactic. Hot tea, hot bubble bath, hot sex! Add that to the list of self-care practices to reduce stress levels.

Boosts brainpower

Am I smart because I have more sex, or do I have more sex because I’m smart? Chicken or the egg, people. Research shows a link between brain power and sex which makes me want to nerd out on sex so hard. They say sex can increase neurons in the hippocampus, which is a part of the brain that helps with memory function. So you can remember more of your epic romps! There are also some links with higher creative and analytical thinking. More creativity in the bedroom, perhaps?

Boosts your libido

This is helpful, particularly for any couples going through a slump or even singles practicing (or not practicing) masturbation. There are both physical and mental connections to the idea that when you get it, you’ll want more of it! Sex increases vaginal lubrication, blood flow and elasticity which make sex more enjoyable…and keeps you wanting more of it.

Enhances intimacy

Sex can be casual, but it can also be powerfully connective and soulful. Scientists did a study that showed increased affection in couples who had sex more frequently than those who didn’t. And it wasn’t just after sex, but months after sex. They found the more sex there was, the more positive affection there was. And BONUS, it didn’t have to be intercourse, but could also be erotic or sensual moments of intimacy. Get it on, everyone!


…”I’m gon’ do it, gon’ do it, gon’ do it do it do it.” Damn, I love that song, and damn, have these reasons given me even more reasons to keep having sex. If you’re in a new relationship, old relationship, or are single-and-looking-to-mingle, I hope these health benefits give you confidence to know the good you’re doing for yourself when you choose to engage in sexy time! Let’s also revise milk’s old campaign. SEX…it does a body good.


I’m no scientist, but I trust those who are! Below are the sources used to learn the benefits of sex.