Top 10 Hottest Toys for Valentine’s Day!

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for a couple giving gifts to each other

Valentine’s Day. You either love it or you hate it. You either participate in the gift-giving/dinner-date-going traditions or you don’t. Whether you enjoy showering your partner with love on this specific day or ALL of the days of the year – we’ve got the perfect toys to help make those moments extra satisfying. Our goal this year was to help make YOUR Valentine’s Day one to remember! No more running out to the nearest store on February 13th to stock your cart full of chocolates and meaningless nothings.

We thought long and hard on how to offer you something more valuable. We could have easily just put our entire store on sale and said “have at it”. But that wouldn’t be doing you any favors. Instead, we wanted to give you MORE! Something that would easily allow you to choose the perfect toy for your special night. Because, we know that buying sex toys can be overwhelming and sometimes a little confusing. So, we called our entire staff into a meeting to not only share our favorite toys, but to dive into our best seller lists and most highly reviewed products to determine what couples like YOU really enjoy and want. In the end, we ended up with a list of our Top 10 must have toys. We think you’ll be pretty excited about the toys we’ve got lined up for you. There’s a little something for everyone and for every level. We’ve also heavily discounted these 10 toys (like-for real. You’ll never find them cheaper than this) and we’ve got you covered with free shipping. It’s our Valentine’s gift to you!

So, without rambling on too much – let’s get into the 10 toys that made our list!


Secret VII

Secret Vii Couples Card Game with timer, dice, and pleasure cards on white background

If you are looking for a sex game that puts you in the drivers seat…without making anyone feel awkward or uncomfortable…this is it! Secret VII comes with 400 pleasure cards that you and your partner will select from. You choose the pleasure cards that you want done to you. You are in complete control of the experience you want to have! Check out our full review. Keep things mild and tame…or crazy and WILD!

Sale Price: $35.00

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Fun Factory Be-One

fun factory be one 1 finger vibrator top view

This has to be one of the BEST new foreplay toys on the market. The Be-One is so small that it practically disappears into your palm, allowing you to truly experience a connection with your partner like no other. The two strong motors deliver effortless vibration and heighten every caress. It is the perfect way to pleasure a woman’s clitoris without feeling like you are using a big, bulky toy. 

Sale Price: $55.00

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Happy Rabbit Remote Panties

happy rabbit remote panties remote and bullet vibrator

Make your dinner date extra sexy as your lady slips on these remote control vibrating panties. Enjoy dinner, dessert, and a little something extra. The vibrator slips effortlessly into the panties and comes equipped with 10 vibration modes and 3 blissful intensity levels. The size of the panties can even be adjusted with the beautiful satin ribbon. This is a surefire way to spice up your special evening. 

Sale Price: $65.00

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Womanizer PRemium

womanizer premium raspberry color side view

If you haven’t tried a Womanizer toy yet and experienced the Pleasure Air Technology first hand…you, my friend, are missing out. The gentle air flow stimulates the clitoris without evening touching it. What makes this toy stand out from the others in the line is that it only starts when it is ALMOST touching the skin. This not only makes it quieter but makes the enjoyment even more intense.

Sale Price: $140.00

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Le Wand Chrome Bullet

le wand chrome bullet vibrator standing up

This gorgeous bullet vibrator not only looks absolutely stunning, but it packs enough power to take her over the edge again and again. What women wouldn’t want something this pretty and this pleasurable in her purse? It is great for beginners with an easy one touch control on the bottom of the vibrator. It also includes the removable silicone sleeve for additional pleasure options. If you are stuck on the perfect gift, this one is definitely a winner! 

Sale Price: $65.00

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We-Vibe Wand

we-vibe wand vibrator with package and head attachments for man and woman

There are so many wands on the market, but we especially love the We-Vibe Wand for a few reasons. First, it comes with two different pleasure attachments (most you have to purchase separately). Second, it is cordless which means you can take the pleasure wherever you’d like. And last, it includes the new Smart Silence feature so when the wand is close to the body it turns on. No need to fumble with buttons.

Sale Price: $140.00

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Pretty Plugs

Pretty Anal Plugs Medium

Okay, if you are going to partake in some anal play, why not have your booty looking a little extra glam. These plugs are exactly that – PRETTY! Yes…we’re talking genuine Swarovski crystals. What’s even better is that the plugs are bacteria resistant, easy to clean, and quickly warm to body temperature. 

Sale Price: $80.00

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Lovelife Share

Lovelife Share Black on white background

We love this sensual couples vibrator because it really allows each partner to experience some pretty amazing sensations. Easily slide the cock ring on and enjoy 7 different vibration patterns. It is the perfect choice for beginners as well because it features an easy and intuitive one-button operation. If you’re new to sex toys, we always recommend the cock rings to start!

Sale Price: $60.00

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Hot Octopuss pocket pulse

Our FAVORITE line of male masturbators has and will always be Hot Octopuss. The Guybrator technology produces a unique pulsating sensation. This lightweight stroker is held against his penis with the flexible arm. The 5 different vibration patterns are sure to turbo charge the way you masturbate. Perfect for foreplay!

Sale Price: $70.00

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we-vibe chorus

we-vibe chorus vibrator in cosmic pink

The Chorus truly makes sex a more intimate and sensual experience. The chorus fits perfectly in her while providing vibrating external sensations for him. What makes this better than the rest? It features the new squeeze control, which means you can stay in the moment and increase the vibration by simply squeezing the remote.

Sale Price: $145.00

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