Couples Review: Tenga Tetra 01 Spinner Male Masturbator

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What is the Tenga Spinner?

The Tenga Spinner is a male masturbator. It uses an internal coil mechanism that twists with each stroke to create pretty amazing sensations. The Tenga Spinner comes in a few different colors, each equipped with different coil mechanisms for different sensations. The Spinner should be used with lubrication and can be enjoyed in both the bath or shower.

How does it work?

The Tenga Spinner is super easy to use. First, pour a generous amount of lubricant into the spinner. We like to use Sliquid Sea. Then insert your penis into the spinner. Using a light grip, stroke the spinner up and down. You do not need to twist as the coil inside will twist with each stroke. Also, using a light grip is key because if you hold the spinner too tightly, the coil will not be able to spin.

The clean up is super easy as well! Just flip the spinner back to reveal the inside, add some soap and warm water and clean thoroughly. Place it on the stand that it comes with to dry.

What’s Included & First Impression?

Because of the low price point of this male masturbator, we didn’t have high expectations but I will say that we were both pleasantly surprised in the quality and packaging. The Tenga comes encased in a holder that can also double as a stand for the spinner when not in use. The quality was also very good. Keep in mind, this is not a toy that you will keep and use forever. This material is not designed to last that long. I’d say you’ll get about 20 good uses out of it which is great considering the cost.

In the box included:

Her Thoughts On The Sex Toy Review

Her Thoughts

Whenever we find a toy to pleasure Jon I get super excited. In my opinion the sex toy market caters heavily to women (which is not a bad thing for us ladies) but leaves a lot to be desired for the men. When Jon showed me the Tenga Spinner I was all in. I love pleasuring him with these toys and it’s always something fun to try!

It was my idea to give this a go in the shower first. I figured with the material and some lube- the added wetness from the shower would make it pretty insane for him. I like to surprise him, so before we even made it in the shower I had already placed it in there ready to be used. Of course, he was stoked and I love getting to show him love in these little ways.

I poured some lube into the spinner, placed it on him and began stroking. At first I was gripping a little too tight but we both realized the coils won’t twist with the tight grip. Habit…haha. So I loosened the grip and basically just gently, but quickly, stroked up and down. I knew Jon liked it because he came pretty quick and had a big cheesy grin on his face. Win!

I cleaned it out and stuck it on the shelf in the shower to dry. Super easy to use, FUN, and worked like a charm. Really nothing to complain about with this toy. We’ve used it several times, mostly in the shower for some added foreplay fun, and every time it’s been great. For the price of this masturbator, it is WELL worth it. Ladies, if you want to surprise your man- take my word for it and give this little baby a try. Your man will be thanking you!

His Thoughts On The Sex Toy Review

His Thoughts

I was tired… tired of the fact that every toy we were buying was for her. So I remember it like yesterday, I was adding a few new products to our store and I came across the new line of Tetra Spinners. I watched the Youtube video and immediately thought we should get one, so I went and ordered the Tetra 01.

Now listen, I watched the videos in amazement thinking, “Theres no way this thing works like that” but I figured if it worked half as good as they said… it would still have to feel pretty good.

So it came in the mail a few days later and the Mrs, decided we should give it a shot in the shower. Naturally, I was like, I’m in let’s do this. So after some light caressing she dumped some lube into it and put the spring loaded masturbator into action. At first I was in awe because the thing actually worked with the spring motion that the video talked about, shortly after that thought I was thinking that Jane was about to have her hands full with more than she bargained for because it felt awesome.

We’ve tried a few different types of these silicone male masturbator toys before and I’ve never walked away disappointed, not once. The Tetra 01 felt great and works exactly like they say but I want to point out that of all the ones we’ve tried so far these seem to be a higher quality, more durable material. Thats important because the lower grade silicone toys are really meant to be more disposable than anything but this Tetra line you can hang onto a little bit longer and get some more mileage out of them than others.

When it comes to the Tenga Tetra 01, it scores a 5 out of 5 stars in my book. Don’t believe me? Checkout the video below…

2024 Update: Tenga Spinner Couples Sex Toy... Still one of the Best!

Since our initial review, the Tenga Spinner series has evolved, continuing to redefine the experience of male masturbation toys. The latest updates to this innovative line of masturbators offer an even more diverse range of sensations, catering to a variety of preferences. Each masturbator in the updated Spinner series is designed with unique, geometric patterns and textures, ensuring a distinct and exhilarating experience. From the subtle twists of the ‘Hexa‘ to the intricate detailing of the ‘Shell‘, Tenga has meticulously enhanced their masturbators to deliver unparalleled pleasure.

The Spinner series, known for its revolutionary spinning action, now features improved elasticity and durability, ensuring that each masturbator provides not only intense pleasure but also long-lasting quality. With Tenga’s commitment to innovation, the Spinner series stands out as a leading choice for those seeking a high-quality, stimulating, and visually appealing masturbator. Experience the evolution of pleasure with Tenga’s latest Spinner masturbators – where sophistication meets satisfaction.

Tenga Masturbators In-Stock

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  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Coil works as described


  • Limited Use

Final Thoughts

This is one of our favorite male masturbators. The internal coil system really adds some amazing sensations. It is easy to use for any level and requires little effort for great results!

This male masturbator is definitely one to try!

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