Ask Darling D: Sexy Snow Day

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Dear Darling D, We’ve already gotten snow where I live (it’s not even winter). My boyfriend and I don’t live together, but I want to plan for some days where we get snowed in together at one of our apartments when the forecast says snow. What ideas do you have to turn a snow day into a more sexy snow day? I want to make these days together really hot even though it’s really cold outside! Thanks! Allie, Sexy Snow Day … Dear Allie, Oh my goodness – I LOVE this question and idea! I’m not much of a snow girl, but I think I can get down with the cold white stuff outside if it means things are steamy inside! Kudos to you for thinking in advance about capitalizing on some full-on domestic time together since you don’t live together. That said, let’s talk about some sexy things you can do during the entire day to make your snow day the sexiest one either of you have ever had!

Sip & Sit

First thing in the morning, or whenever you wake up, start your day with some quiet time together! Sip on your coffee, tea, or drink of your choice while you sit together and watch the snow fall outside a window. Snuggle up with a blanket and you’ve got a great way to ease into the day!

Nakey Bakey

For a cold winter day with snow, it’s almost required that you bake cookies (or something), right? Well do it – naked! Not fully naked – wear a cute apron, maybe some heels, and stir up a batch of something delicious. Your boyfriend won’t be able to decide what he wants to eat first – you or the cookies! (My advice: have him eat you while the cookies bake. You’re golden for 12-15 minutes!)

Fort & F*ck

Did you ever build a fort when you were a kid? Definitely the kind of activity you do on a day when you’re not outside much. Why limit it to kids? Grab a bunch of pillows, blankets, and build yourselves a fort! Then, f*ck in it. Not your average fort!

Sexy Scenes

This could be a fun game! Each of you pick three sexy scenes from different movies and watch them together. This is the perfect way to get turned on and have a little midday romp!

PLAY – first in the snow, then with each other

Your snow day doesn’t have to be kept just to inside activities! Go outside and enjoy the snow!  Throw snowballs, make snow angels, take a walk in the fresh white powder. Release your inner kid! Then, come inside and get warmed up again by playing with each other – play with different balls, enjoy different white stuff…you get the idea.

Rub & Tub

This idea pairs perfectly with a snowy day in! The order doesn’t matter, but spend time rubbing on each other. I’m talking full body massages. Get some scented candles and some nice oil and use that to relax each other! Couple that with some time in the tub together as well. Get that water nice and hot and sit together in the bath. Talk, breathe, snuggle – whatever you want to do! Both activities scream SEXY and work perfect for the snow day outside.

Cook something HOT (and no, I don’t mean temperature-wise)

You’ve gotta eat real food during this snow day, right? Take the opportunity to cook together! I wrote a whole article on frisky foods back in June, so pick out some foods that have those sexy properties to get you back in the mood so there’s an after-meal experience ready for you both.

Play the good kind of games

Bust out old school games, a deck of cards, or some sexy games! This romance game was featured in our November CTS Live shopping party and was a HUGE hit. Games are fun! Get some competition going with them too – loser owes the winner a sexual favor (or two). Allie, I can’t even lie – talking about these ideas has me REALLY jonesing for a sexy snow day of my own with my boo! I hope these ideas help set you up for an epic day of domestic pleasure with your boyfriend. Don’t forget some wine or bubbly – and enjoy ALL of each other all day long! Darling D   ADD Sexy snow Day